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How to take care of the car with turbo engine

The choice of the turbocharger engine is more easily found in the latest cars. However, the problem often encountered by turbo engines usually occurs because there is no support from the turbine environment, including oil specifications.

As is known, the turbocharger device itself is believed to be able to improve mechanical heart performance starting from power and torque, as well as the efficiency of root material.

Then do the engines with turbo devices have to be treated with special treatment?

The important thing is oil change. But if you want to change oil, any car, don’t stay long if you stay in a traffic jam, because if the kilometer is low, the running engine hours are high.

To take care of a turbo engine just like other cars, it is enough to change the oil for six months or as far as 5,000 km or according to the manual book.

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