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How to distinguish between original and fake wheels

Only by changing wheels, the appearance of the car can immediately change. Not even a little, the car that replaced the wheels immediately looks cooler than the standard version.

The wheel dealers can be found easily, complete with various models and types of wheels. Similarly, the price is very diverse.

It’s just that, the price of this alloy is pretty good. So many parties are using this by making replica wheels. So, the first thing to do is to understand what is original and which are replicas.

How to? Here are tips to distinguish it as shared by Suzuki.

1. Price of wheels

Through the price of alloy wheels, we can find out whether the alloy is genuine or not. Original wheels are usually priced more expensive than replicas. In fact, it can be up to four times more expensive than replica wheels. For example, ring 17 replica wheels cost $ 500, so the original can range from $ 2000 – $ 2500.

But prices are not the only benchmark. Not infrequently also found naughty traders who sell replica wheels at high prices and say that the wheels are genuine.

2. Wheel weight

Another thing that can prevent this trick is to look at the weight of the wheels. Most original alloy wheels will be lighter than the replica. For example, ring 17 replica wheels weighing approximately 10-11 kg, then the original alloy wheels are only 6 kg. It’s just that, again the weight can’t directly state the original alloy or replica. Like ring 20 wheels, for example, some weigh the same as replicas.

3. Quality of Wheel Maker

The quality of alloy wheels can be taken into consideration whether the wheels are genuine or fake. Usually, when made, replica wheels will go through the casting process, while the original wheels will go through a forged process. Of the two types of processes, the most important is finishing.

Original alloy wheels, the results are neat finishing, while replicas will look messy. Like there is a hole in the surface in the wheel. The paint also looks not the same.

To distinguish between the original and the replica is not easy. The key, do not be easily tempted at cheap prices and do not rush to buy wheels. Look for as much information as possible before actually buying it.


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