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How often should a vehicle wash?

Washing a vehicle is not only aimed at maintaining cleanliness, but also protecting components. The reason is, the presence of dirt risks damaging vehicle components, such as shock breakers that are prone to leakage.

However, how often should a vehicle be washed? Maybe this question is often asked by vehicle owners. There are several factors that influence the frequency of car washing.

The first is the driving route. If you often drive through routes that are prone to dirt such as traffic jams or industrial areas, it is better to do vehicle washing once a week. However, it would be better if you could do it twice a week.

The second factor is the driving distance. The farther driving, the more dirt that will stick to the vehicle. If left to linger the dirt will be more difficult to clean.

Next is weather conditions. Both rain and hot weather have a dangerous impact on the car. High heat makes dirt stick tightly, for example tree sap that will harden. While the rain will cause the vehicle to pull more dirt or even corrosion to produce rust. Both conditions require you to wash the car immediately.

The last is the parking position. If the vehicle is parked in a dry and closed garage, you don’t need to wash it too often. However, if you are on the roadside or under a tree, you should be diligent in washing, especially when you find stubborn dirt like tree sap.

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