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2018 Zenvo TSR-S Specs

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Danish supercar manufacturer Zenvo introduced the model with the name Zenvo TSR-S at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. Cars that have low ground clearance are equipped with a 5.8 liter twin-supercharged V8 engine which is claimed to be capable of spewing as much power as 1,177 hp and 811 ft · lb of torque. By
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2010 Zenvo ST1 Price and Specification details

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Not many people know about Zenvo ST1. This supercar is able to overtake the great power of the Lamborghini Aventador! Here are the prices and specifications of the Zenvo ST1. Zenvo ST1 is an exclusive supercar that is only created for rich people. The luxurious sensation of the Zenvo ST1 is available as a whole