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2010 Volvo S80L Specs and Review

Volvo Car Corporation produces cool carts called S80L. The L version is intended to meet the demands of Chinese consumers, the wheel base of the S80L model is extended by 140mm compared to the standard Volvo S80 and this car is greatly enhanced. Detailed prices and complete specifications have been widely circulated.

Volvo is one of the safest vehicles in the premium segment in China, providing all the security needed by government and business customers. The Volvo S80L changes the highest criteria for premium cars that stretch in China. And Chinese business elites will find top premium vehicles that need not be questioned for security and luxury.

Volvo provides a 3-year warranty and 3-year Volvo on Call service to customers for every new car purchase. Customers can use Volvo on Call services in the event of an accident and / or emergency. Volvo Cars is one of the few manufacturers that offer Car Accident Assistance, while most manufacturers in China only offer assistance for car damage. With this kind of premium service, Volvo Cars wants customers to benefit from being the owner of the Volvo S80L.

The Volvo S80L wheel base stretches 140mm, reaching 2,975mm with a full length of 4,991mm. This results in a large rear seat space of 1,025mm. Width and height reached 1,861mm and 1,490mm.

The all new Volvo S80L is equipped with luxurious specifications such as a refrigerator in the back seat, Suara Premium, a rear seat entertainment system, and deeper soft leather seats, according to the preferences of Chinese luxury car consumers.

It has a refrigerator located on the back seat back of the middle rear seat. To open the refrigerator, the backrest is folded forward. Two cup holders are located on the back.

The Volvo S80L design fully reflects the intention to provide a travel experience such as a limousine for rear seat passengers. For the same reason, the armrest connected to the suspended center console has been extended, allowing access to functions such as cigarette lighter, voice control, seat warmers, and front seat adjustment controls for rear seat passengers.

While the comfort of Volvo Cars seats is widely recognized, the S80L has gone further to provide a more comfortable driving experience, by installing not only high-quality skin but also more luxurious loveseats. In addition, the Volvo S80L 3.0 T6 AWD Prestige is equipped with a Volvo Premium Sound package. Alpine digital amplifiers and 12 loudspeakers from Dynaudio┬« from Denmark, provide a very high premium audio experience. Premium sound on the Volvo S80L turns the car into a “Grand Theater” mobile among luxury cars, something that even the smartest audio fans will be enthusiastic about.

In addition, the Volvo S80L is also equipped with a sophisticated Electronic Climate Control (ECC) and Air Quality System (AQS) system, which greatly enhances comfort and provides a green and healthy environment in the car for passengers.

The Volvo S80L 3.0 T6 AWD is equipped with a 3.0-liter classic 3.0-liter in-line 3.0-liter engine, with a maximum power rating of 210 kilowatts (285 hp) and a maximum output torque of 400 Nm at 1,500rpm. It only takes 7.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h, so it doesn’t seem excessive if “very fast” is used to describe speed. The T6 engine uses Twin Scroll technology, inhaling the exhaust in two stages and dividing it into two rolls, which then flow into three cylinders. Twin Scroll technology uses a turbocharger that is more compact and simple with fast response, providing performance equivalent to a dual turbocharger.

The Model T6 is equipped with a Volvo all-wheel drive system that uses a hydraulically-controlled clutch to distribute power between the front and rear wheels, to provide the best road grip in all situations. This system uses an instant traction system, which can distribute power very quickly between the front and rear wheels, when the car is driven in wet and slippery conditions, or on soft road surfaces.

Volvo safety technology is unique throughout the world. At Volvo Cars’ Safety Center in Sweden, the most advanced automotive accident testing agency in the world can simulate various collision scenarios, thereby improving vehicle safety performance in all aspects. The Volvo S80L has been tested at the Volvo Cars Safety Center, sent there from China.

The main part of Volvo’s latest security technology is implemented on the Volvo S80L.

  1. Safety prevention: Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), Personal Car Communicator (PCC), Smart Driver Information System (IDIS) and other leading safety technologies.
  2. Safety protectors: the structure of the body is further enhanced by four different levels of steel. Side Impact Protection System (SIPS) and Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS).

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