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2018 Volvo 360c Autonomous Concept Specs and Review

Autonomous cars or running alone is indeed a future technology that has begun to be tested by automotive manufacturers. Including Swedish manufacturers, Volvo who introduced the 360c Autonomous Concept.

Driverless cars or commonly called autonomous cars are increasingly being developed by automotive manufacturers. There are many techniques used for cars that can move on their own without being driven by humans, such as radar, sinal lasers, GPS, all of which are computerized. Using sensor technology, a speeding car itself is able to identify the surrounding environment such as obstacles, traffic signs and pedestrians.

But so far automotive manufacturers have created autonomous cars like a passenger car that delivers one point to another. Unlike the Volvo 360c concept car that offers a sense of driving like a first-class aircraft and is intended for long trips. In its presentation, Volvo promises 360c this concept as a vehicle that is comfortable for passengers like its own home.

The main focus of the Volvo 360c autonomous car is the configuration in the cabin which is divided into 4 options. Volvo wants to move the house space into the cabin. The cabin configuration presented by Volvo is a bedroom, work space, tamun room and entertainment room. Although not yet known where the development of this car has arrived, but Volvo hopes this autonomous car can be used as an alternative to long trips other than airplanes.

The front view of the Volvo 360c looks very simple but looks futuristic. A central LED bar has a Volvo logo and lights for night trips. The bumper design looks rounded and there are not many firm curves. On the right and left side of the LED bar there is a number 360 as a type of Volvo autonomous car. While on top there is no bonnet considering that this car is indeed pure electricity so that the glass directly connects to the rear.

From the side of this 360c autonomous car has a large door and only 2 doors (right and left) with a design like a butterfly wing. The tire used by the Volvo 360c looks quite large even though it is not yet known what size is used. Interestingly in the sketch presented by Volvo the door handles do not appear which means it is possible to open and close the car door using the remote.

Unlike the front that looks simple and tends to be more bloated, the back side of the Volvo 360c actually looks modern and has character. At first glance, there is a spoiler on the back, but it turns out that the two pillars and left are parts of the lights. The lights made by many of these curves form like the letter S sloping. There is glass that connects the lamp pillars to the frame of this car.

As explained in the introduction, Volvo wants to bring the concept of a business class home or airplane cabin to this autonomous 360c concept car. The spacious cabin with the presence of a table and facing position makes Volvo 360c like a living room. You can also adjust the cabin space by turning it into a comfortable bed for long trips.

In the configuration presented by Volvo for 360c this concept is a chair that is made face to face and comfortable even on the go. In addition, among these chairs there is a table that can be used to put a drink glass or document when it is in a meeting condition. Other configurations, this Volvo 360c concept can be made like a bed that provides comfort when traveling long distances. The bed can also be converted into a single seater when you want to use it for reading on the go.

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