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2017 Zenvo TS1 GT 10th Anniversary Edition Price and Specification details

Of all the shocking big numbers that characterize the Zenvo TS1 GT, which is the power output that reaches up to 1200HP, the top speed is 233 mph.

With a price of around £ 1,200,000 for the new hypercar, Zenvo puts itself in a very good fast car class. Because of this, the TS1 GT is still victorious in the fast car class.

Weaknesses of Zenvo cars

The Zenvo ST1 first appeared on the cover of a magazine almost a decade ago. The Danish company has been wandering on the sidelines for a while but, after being acquired by Russian billionaire a few years ago, finally has the heavyweight support needed to bring the car to market.

Now badged by TS1 GT, Zenvo hypercar is ready to take on people like Bugatti Chiron and Pagani Huayra.

Well, almost ready. Bright as sunlight, this car is a pre-production prototype rather than a finished product. This is in the UK for the time being for final stage testing, mostly in low-speed driving conditions, and also to liven up interest in hunting for deposits. We must forgive certain shortcomings for now.

Zenvo TS1 GT Exterior and Interior

It seems like it’s been lifted directly from the arcade game or as if Lockheed Martin had its first crack in the performance car. I can’t decide which one. Whatever it is, it is worth seeing, with its very low intake and greenhouse, but also cohesive and comprehensive. What’s the most impressive about the Zenvo TS1 GT? that is, you cannot connect with other supercar manufacturers; it is not a derivative at all.

There are hexagon design themes everywhere, you can see on the navigation screen, stitches in the chair. But Zenvo should drop the entire hexagon when it comes to designing the steering wheel. Switchgear handles and aluminum-drained grilles are seen in parts, meanwhile, and they are at least bespoke to this car, but somehow the cabin just doesn’t feel as amazing as the requested price. For £ 1.2 million, I want to be fascinated.

For standard equipment, TS1 GT gets all the aerodynamic decoration expected in the hypercar, plus the LED headlights on the outside. On the dashboard the Zenvo TS1 GT has dual zone climate control, cruise control, keyless entry, electrically adjustable carbon fiber seat and Zenvo infotainment system complete with sat nav, touchscreen display, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, DAB radio, and digital instrument clusters.

Zenvo TS1 wheel drive source

With 1163HP, 811lb ft, and a pair of superchargers, maybe that’s exactly what the engine will do. 5.8 liter V8. Zenvo realizes the supercharger is easier to cool than the turbocharger. In addition, using a pair of superchargers is truly unique and, I think, is a big part of the car’s appeal.

The driving will be completely changed for the production version, but with engineers focusing on driving capability and low speed for now, this engine has dropped to a sad 750HP.

There are a number of six-speed manual transmission options. There is a shift paddle gearbox with conventional synchromesh. That is the option installed on the trial car and, as we will know, there is still a lot of development work to be done.

The TS1 GT moves the rear wheel through the Torsen slip limited differential. The car also has an optional carbon ceramic brake from Brembo, with a Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber on the 19in wheels on the front axle and a 20in on the rear. With launch control, 62mph is sent in 2.8 seconds. The suspension is with two all round wishbones with passive KW dampers.

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