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2014 Volvo Estate Concept Specs and Review

Volvo Car Group launched the estate concept at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The launch is aimed at revealing the widely admired exterior design language and future Volvo Model interiors.

Armed with a simple futuristic interior design, the estate concept is ready to compete in the future. There is a choice of buttons, and traditional controls have been replaced by a touch screen control panel such as a large tablet on the center console, bringing the interior firmly into the 21st century.

The software on the touch screen is specifically designed to be the main control panel for new user experiences in Volvo cars. It replaces all buttons and controls except for some important functions such as volume, play / pause, danger warning and window heating. It also interacts with the digital instrument cluster in front of the driver.

Volvo has redefined the Estate car by combining functionality, robustness and practicality with performance. V70 and XC70 are one of the most respected estates on the market and the new Concept Estate shows how companies can exploit this legacy in future models.

The back of the Concept Estate echoes the design of the Volvo 1800 ES from the early 1970s. Subtle inspiration from the 1800 model is also evident in several details in Concept Estate, such as the two-spoke steering wheel, instrument panel and fast. Applying this approach to the iconic real car – which is at the core of Volvo’s versatile functionality – creates a beautiful and different car.

The generous dash to axle ratio, low bonnet, sleek silhouette and glass roof all contribute to the impression of a dynamic but capable three-door sports car. The contrast between the deep brown pear color and the bright five-inch wheels, contribute to the cool modern 21-aura.

Just like the recent Concept Coupé and Concept XC Coupé, the face of the Volvo Concept Estate is characterized by a new topography on the hood and ‘floating’ grille, flanked by headlights featuring a new T-shaped DRL light guide. The signature taillights are another distinctive element in the direction of Volvo Cars’ new design.

Extrovert and colorful trends in contemporary Swedish lifestyle and design have become a powerful source of inspiration for the design team. Occupants on all four seats are hugged by orange seat belts, and woolen carpets exclusively woven from Swedish designers, Kasthall has deep accent colors.

The crystal gear lever from Orrefors / Kosta Boda also has orange light, while the black and white checkered wool fabric on the front and back of the front seats adds to the ‘space’.

Fine details and handicrafts, such as instrument panels covered by thick tanned leather naturally tanned from Tärnsjö, waxed inlays, natural wood and machine copper details, also emphasize the exclusive Swedish atmosphere within Concept Estate.

The atmosphere might inspire residents to stop for picnics and Swedish “Kubb” games. Specially designed game sets are seen through the load floor at the back.

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