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2013 Volvo V40 R-Design Package

The Volvo V40 R-Design is oriented towards younger drivers with responsive, responsive, and fun to drive. Armed with a rigid body, a standard dynamic chassis, and a low center of gravity promotes a character that is alert and responsive. Focus more on the driving experience, but without reducing driving comfort.

It has a completely new interactive dashboard with different configurations and functionality. But here all modes come in the same blue. The chairs feature a blend of black Nubuck textiles and perforated leather, crowned by an embroidered R design logo with a blue “R”. A full leather chair is available as an option.

The R-Design is a package that can be combined with all engines for the Volvo V40 type, starting from D2 diesel with 115 horsepower and CO2 emissions at 94 g / km (3.6 l / 100 km) to high performance T5 turbo gasoline with 254 power horse.

At the rear, the V40 has a monotube damper, featuring compression and back damping through the same valve. This gives a shorter and faster flow of liquid, which in turn means that the damper responds faster. Anti roll blades with larger diameters also contribute to sporty drives.

The Sport Chassis was developed in collaboration with Swedish driver Robert Dahlgren on the Volvo Polestar Black R team, down 10 mm compared to the Dynamic chassis. Springs and shock absorbers have tighter settings, resulting in responsive driving pleasure with full control. The McPherson front struts have a 25 mm piston rod. Rigidity allows the structure to absorb lateral loads better.

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