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2013 Volvo V40 City Safety and Pedestrian Airbag Technology

In terms of producing a car that will be marketed to customers, apart from the cool and luxurious appearance. Automotive manufacturers must pay attention to comfort and bring pleasure in driving and make it a top priority in a car.

At the 2013 V40, Volvo gave a sporty touch to the five-door hatchback with fuel efficiency, and new safety standards in its class.

If seen, the coupé design is quite attractive with a mixture of styles from the previous car, the C30 coupe and the classic Volvo P1800ES. Looks more sporty and slimmer than the previous version.

Volvo has paid special attention to handling, steering feel, agility and driving comfort. The V40 is now the class benchmark for dynamic smoothness thanks to Volvo Engineers.

In terms of driving safety, Volvo’s reputation is beyond doubt. Volvo provides new innovations on every product produced such as Pedestrian Airbag Technology that can do Pedestrian Detection and do Full Automatic Brakes, which is the first technology in the automotive world. The technology was first shown in Volvo S60 products. The new V40 version offers unparalleled protection for pedestrians, as well as for car passengers.

It was the new Pedestrian Airbag, which made its world debut on the Volvo V40, expanding from under the rear edge of the hood when the car detected that it had hit a pedestrian. The raised hood better protects hit pedestrians, and air bags also protect pedestrian heads from “hard spots” at the base of the windshield and lower pillars.

The technology, named City Safety, is an innovation that was first shown on the Volvo XC60 to avoid noisy urban accidents. The technology has been further enhanced for the Volvo V40. Now it works up to 50 km / h (31 mph), not 30 km / h (19 mph). Insurance claims involving Volvo XC60 show that City Safety has reduced personal injury claims by 51 percent, while vehicle repair costs have been reduced by more than 20 percent. No wonder many insurance companies are now reducing premiums for Volvo drivers.

Pedestrian Airbag Technology, Pedestrian Detection and City Safety are part of the Volvo IntelliSafe safety philosophy. Other new safety features on the Volvo V40 include the Traffic Traffic Warning radar system – which helps you get out of the parking lot and see traffic coming from the side – and the improved Blind Point Information System (BLIS). This new radar-based technology still warns vehicles in blind spots, on both sides, but in addition it now warns vehicles approaching quickly from behind – making it safer, for example, to change lanes on toll roads.

In addition, Volvo also has an upstanding reputation for environmentally friendly motorists – three-way catalytic converters with lambda sensors are one of Volvo’s many green innovations. The all-new 1.6-liter V40 D2 engine emits only 94 g / km (when equipped with 205/55 R16 wheels) from CO2, the leading figure in the class. It also offers large corporate car taxation, road tax, and residential parking savings. No wonder the Volvo V40 is so good in this field: one third of the entire Volvo research and development budget is dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions.

The V40 is a five-door C-segment hatchback that is a class leader in many fields such as design, driving dynamics, safety, to fuel economy. Cars that are designed can be connected seamlessly to the driver, which is easy and fun to use. And can handle in a way that is very intuitive and who care about the people around.

The exterior design of the Volvo V40 was designed by California studio Volvo in Camarillo by American Chris Benjamin. With the Pedestrian Airbag Technology, there will be a slight decrease in the hood and lower the overall car. The drop is only about 29 mm lower than the C30 coupe, making the V40 one of the lowest hatchbacks on the road. The rear tail is based on the C30, which takes inspiration from the classic 70s P1800ES.

It has a wide Dashboard – accentuating the impression of a large car – while a high-tech TFT (thin film transistor) digital screen instrument is available. Three different instrument displays can be selected, including “environmentally friendly” settings to help you drive more economically and “performance” modes to better suit more passionate driving. There is also a more classic “elegance” mode. TFT instrumentation is available as an option on all models in the Volvo V40 range.

Volvo V40 presents several new infotaiment features such as Bluetooth music streaming and handsfree cellular connectivity as standard. A navigation system with directions in the main instrument cluster, and a mobile application that can find your car in a large parking lot, lock or unlock doors and even give you travel notes. All of these features are part of Volvo’s innovative infotainment system, providing exceptional connectivity, security and personalization.

Use new seats for driver and passenger comfort. The rear seats are prominently chiseled to offer maximum support for two people and see them positioned slightly deeper than usual, increasing comfort and visibility going forward. Nevertheless there is room for three in the back, and a trio of three-point seat belts (Volvo’s discovery, of course) in the back seat.

An optional panoramic glass roof enhances the “feel of a large car” in the cabin. Another unusual and stylish design touch is the frameless rearview mirror – further proof of the Volvo V40’s design focus and sharp and neat detail.

V40 comes with three different diesel engine variants, and three gasoline engines. They include diesel 1.6, which provides exceptional and class-leading CO2 figures of 94 g / km (equivalent to 78.5 mpg in the combined cycle), sporty 177-cylinder 2.0 liter five-cylinder five-cylinder diesel, and high-performance T5 gasoline, good for 254hp. All engine and gearbox versions have start / stop technology, to improve the economy and reduce emissions.

Offers three trim levels ES, SE and SE Lux. Offered at prices starting from £ 19,745 for the D2 ES. All cars are very well equipped. The entry level ES features City Safety, Pedestrian Airbags, Bluetooth hands-free, High Performance Audio, Electronic Climate Control, leather steering wheel and cooled glovebox as standard.

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