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2013 Volvo Coupe Concept with Futuristic Design

Perform in a futuristic style inspired by contemporary Scandinavian lifestyles and designs. The Volvo Coupé Concept appears more progressive and elegant thanks to a design developed by Scalable Product Architecture (SPA).

The appearance of the Volvo Coupé Concept shows how to build a design towards the next generation of Volvo models. Even though it’s not a futuristic dream car, the new Volvo Coupé reveals how we can shape our car from now on. With a calm and confident beauty that is characteristic of Scandinavian design.

At the Volvo Coupé Concept the distance between the dashboard and the front axle is extended and the greenhouse has been moved slightly backwards. With the placement of the low engine hood, roof and five-spoke 21-inch wheels also contribute to the impression of the elegant Gran Tourer flowing easy power. A confident attitude is emphasized by a belt line that stretches along the car.

The appearance of the Volvo Coupé Concept is characterized by a new topography on the hood and ‘floating’ grille, flanked by headlights that feature a new T-shaped DRL light guide. Just like the signature of the rear lights, DRL lights are a distinctive element in Volvo Cars’ new design direction. The Coupé concept also features elements that echo the Volvo P1800 design from the 1960s.

With its distinctive blue-gray exterior echoing inside the Volvo Coupé Concept. Fine elements, handicrafts such as leather instrument panels, inlays made of natural wood and dark blue woven carpets mixed with beautifully crafted metal details.

Understanding the inside of the Volvo Coupé Concept, this concept car has a large portrait touch screen on the center console interacting with an adaptive digital display and a head-up display in front of the driver.

Using Scala Product Architecture for fully autonomous driving. The first feature with autonomous steering to avoid accidents and make driving more comfortable will be introduced in 2014 – and Volvo Cars’ goal is to have fully autonomous technology cars on the road before 2020.

Peeking at the source of energy, the Volvo Coupé Concept is equipped with Driveline plug-in hybrid gasoline in the Volvo Coupé Concept reflecting Volvo Cars’ strategy to use electrification to create the most powerful version in the new family of four-cylinder Drive-E engines. This will bring the power numbers to the V8 region. This concept car has a two-liter high-performance Drive-E gasoline engine with a supercharger and turbo. The gasoline engine is paired with an electric motor in the rear axle. This gives the Volvo Coupé Concept a total output of around 400 hp and a torque of more than 600 Nm.

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