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2011 Volvo S60 R-Design Package Specs and Review

Volvo offers a new trim level in the S60 R-Design premium sedan, presenting a sporty edge to cars that prioritize safety.

The R-Design package on the S60 provides cosmetic changes, performance and provides a more aggressive appearance. It has a redesigned front and rear bumper, offering a new black grill on the front and a rear diffuser with twin chrome tail pipes.

Scouring the inside, you will find that R-Design delivers new seats, providing comfortable yet sporty seats with side support and finishes in smart leather and fabric. This is followed by a shift of gear from the skin and the sport steering wheel.

A rigid chassis, surfing on an 18-inch Ixion wheel with 18 inches and a stiffer and lower suspension offers a more responsive drive, but unlike some sports salons, this is not a bone thrilling experience. The new chairs felt comfortable enough for a long trip, not just a crazy trip through the twisting rural roads.

Equipped with technology, the S60 R-Design that we took for the round was filled with pedestrian systems and accident avoidance (which we didn’t actually test), along with Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Information Systems. This technology combines sensors and additional cameras that will issue a warning if necessary if you cross the white road line without showing, or if you are too close to other vehicles on the side.

You can choose to turn it off if you decide that showing on the highway is not for you, but we also managed to trigger the system while crossing the center line on road A while driving around a parked car. Press one button to turn on the system.

The center screen delivers navigation information and guides you through the media and radio options (with AM, FM and DAB all offered) and a USB connection on the central armrest provides a location to connect your iPod. Bluetooth is also available to integrate your mobile. With all buttons crammed into the center console, it might take a short time to find a way out, but this system is quite intuitive.

So the kids behind are not fed up with your easy listening, there is a remote control that can be used to change media settings.

We drive D3 (163 PS) and D5 (205 PS) turbo diesel models. D5 feels more secure, but D3 doesn’t lack power compared.

The visibility is very good and unlike the V60 version of the estate of the car we tested, the back doesn’t feel too gloomy, even if your passenger leg room is something premium.

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