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2011 Volvo C30 Polestar Concept Specs and Review

STCC Polestar works together by building unique knowledge and experience in performance optimization for racing cars. Working based on C30 as a racing car project. Work began as a symbol, and a communication platform, for the expansion of the Polestars brand and moved into offering products for Volvo road cars.

The aim of the project is to find out what will happen if a team of engineers and racing drivers get the freedom to design their own version of the ideal road from the car model they have spent thousands of hours to perfect the use of racing in certain racing regulations.

One of the team’s top priorities is to turn the car into all wheel drive with the help of the Haldex gen 4 system which is equipped with a limited front and rear Quiafe slip differential. For power supply, the proven Volvo T5 2.5 turbo 2.5 engine is chosen to ensure that the car will get enough power to provide competitive performance and reliability and driving ability in all driving conditions. The exterior and aerodynamic design is based on testing the extensive Polestars race car in the Volvo Cars wind tunnel and the enhanced suspension in collaboration with the Öhlins racing team partners. To ensure braking performance parallel to the power and handling of Brembo brakes are installed.

The interior of the car displays the ambition to use the highest level of material in an honest manner placing it first with performance, function and compatibility. In collaboration with Tärnsjö Garveri, the Scandinavian bull’s most beautiful skin as a functional yet friendly interior has been designed to strengthen the interior of the C30.

The result is a car built on C30 duality. It was designed to provide high performance driving and long distance travel. A true Grand Touring car that combines high performance and efficiency from conclusions and proven results in motorsport with the luxury and feeling of high-level materials and solutions.

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