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2011 BMW 5-Series F10 by Wald International

The sixth generation of the BMW 5 Series was launched in November 2009. F10 is one of the most important products of the Bavarian manufacturer. Because it saves a lot of appreciation, praise and satisfaction. F10 is a trigger and seems to be a legendary generation in the future.

Jobs for aftermarketers like Wald International to continue modifying the F10 luxury sedan. The body kit upgrades offered by Wald for the F10 include new wheels, side skirts, bumpers and exhaust systems. It takes more time to make changes to the exterior design. Because, the factory design is pretty cool.

The interior of the F10 uses a game of skin colors and wood panels. Impression of high-tech, has emanated from the key model. Called the BMW Display Key, basically a key remote control with a touch screen like a small smartphone. Able to display information such as fuel level, estimated mileage, adjust cabin temperature and the condition of the car is locked or not. Created SYNTAC (Special Synergy Thermoacoustic Capsule) that is embedded in the firewall, windshield and other areas, to create silence as in a capsule.

Equipped with many new features to support driving. The iDrive 6.0 system now features a 10.25-inch touch screen control as an addition to the familiar rotary knob. You can shrink and zoom the map on the monitor, or move the options menu. It is made even easier through body gesture control for various functions such as audio volume or lifting phone calls.

The F10 is equipped with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, following developments in the ‘engine downsizing’ trend for fuel efficiency and exhaust emissions. Thanks to TwinPower’s turbocharged assistance, engine power is generated at 252 hp with 350 Nm of torque. Alias ​​is equivalent to a 3,000 cc engine. In the F10 generation, it still bears the name 528i with a N20 4-cylinder engine. But it is now being replaced by a new B48 engine which is the development of the BMW Group with a 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder to 6-cylinder configuration.

Being anticipated can reach 0-100 km / h in just 6.2 seconds. Twin-scroll turbo technology is very helpful in eliminating turbo lag symptoms. The turbo wheel rotates faster so that the turbo boost appears earlier and the power delivery is more linear to the upper rotation. the torque starts to feel full of 1,500 rpm, and energy is abundant when it touches 5,500 rpm. Distributing power to the rear wheels, feels perfect as if without a pause through the 8-speed automatic gearbox.

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