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2010 Zenvo ST1 Price and Specification details

Not many people know about Zenvo ST1. This supercar is able to overtake the great power of the Lamborghini Aventador! Here are the prices and specifications of the Zenvo ST1.

Zenvo ST1 is an exclusive supercar that is only created for rich people. The luxurious sensation of the Zenvo ST1 is available as a whole both in terms of the interior, exterior and combination of technology provided for the runway. That is why this is the fastest car, the Bugatti Veyron, because of its tremendous burst of power! Check out how expensive and great the Zenvo ST1.

The history of the development of the Zenvo ST1 car

Zenvo ST1 is a supercar that is destined for big-money entrepreneurs and not too sorry for the money to buy a dream car. One of the reasons is prestige and high luxury levels that only brightly increase their life strata. You who might like super-fast cars or supercars, already know a lot about Koenigsegg, Spyker or Pagani. Yes, these companies are as exclusive as Zenvo which only produces limited units and can be ordered according to the wishes of its customers.

Jaspen Jensen is the person behind Zenvo’s success in creating the super-luxury car. The Danish man created Zenvo with completely hand-built status so that it could be said that the entire car was carried out manually by designers and technicians.
The company started its first career in 2004 by spawning a prototype and had time to broadcast it to the public. But unfortunately, for up to two years the blue print circulated, Zenvo did not release their dream car.

Two years later, a prototype was finally completed and even had a dyto test and road test. After finishing testing, this car has undergone many revisions here and there. Even the engine power that should be targeted is able to create a speed of 3 seconds in acceleration 0-100 km / h, it actually misses and incised a longer time of 3.2 seconds.

Zenvo ST1 car exterior

Zenvo ST1 did the world premiere at Le Mans in 2009. At that time, he was not present as a supercar who was ready to bulldoze other fast cars, but an exclusive luxury car offered only for those who could afford it. One characteristic of the exterior design of this car is the “50S” which is a design theme, with the intention that this car can be driven on the road legally through 50 states.

If only the Zenvo ST1 supercar took part in a car beauty contest, maybe he would get more attention and could get a champion. Of course there is a big influence from the beautiful front end with accents that highlight the frightening impression.

The basic character of the Zenvo ST1 is indeed richer in sharp bending, especially in a hood that has a distinctive curve to compose cynical headlights. In addition to acting as a lighting device, the headlights also have a great influence as air in and out. The air intake is one of Zenvo’s distinctive features that highlight the shape of the hexagonal grille. It’s just that, the use of these identities is felt by many automotive observers are not so strong reflects the true figure of Zenvo. Just look at BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini or Ferrari that are always consistent through their stock designs.

Zenvo ST1 engine specifications

Broadly speaking, the Zenvo ST1 has a supercharged 7 liter runway with a cubic V8 engine. This model is almost the same as the brother called hypercar. However, the power problem becomes an indisputable fact that this car does have a super large power of 1104 HP. Compare it to the burly bull, the Lamborghini Aventador is only 700 HP, it is very clear if Zenvo is still far superior.

On paper, this car is written capable of traveling from 0-100 km / h in 3 seconds. However, based on the dyno test and road test, this car actually recorded a longer time of 3.2 seconds. It also made doubts about the claim that the speed mentioned could accelerate to 233 mph. However, reflecting on the abundance of horsepower, it is very possible if the Zenvo ST1 is able to accelerate that fast.

The powerful performance of the Zenvo ST1 clearly cannot be separated from the use of the superchaged V8 7-liter runway kitchen which is claimed to be able to eject power up to 1,104 HP. Remarkably, the claim was able to cripple the Bugatti Veyron’s horse power claim. Only he is considered smaller when compared to SSC Ultimate Aero.

Inside the Zenvo machine there is actually DNA belonging to Corvette, but this car mechanic team managed to prove a burst of power that is greater than other Corvette supercar models that have ever existed.

As a complement to the acceleration Zenvo ST1 is even equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission system. However, many Zenvo testers feel that this transmission feels normal.

Unlike ordinary cars, Zenvo has a special configuration to adjust weather conditions, namely wet, street and track. In fact, the three modes have a power limiter system that allows the car to only issue certain power while passing the desired path.

For example, just “wet” mode. This system allows the machine to be limited to up to 750 HP. Whereas when it’s on the highway, the engine will increase the limit power at 1000 HP. And “track” mode is the peak setting that allows the driver to remove all power to the maximum.

Even so, every car always has a speed limiter to protect the car and the driver until they fail. Therefore, the Zenvo ST1 is only limited to being able to cover top speeds reaching 233 mph.

Zenvo ST1 car interior

Super expensive cars, of course, will not be complete without extra luxury facilities provided in the cabin. Yes, besides the exterior of the Zenvo ST1 also presents a super luxurious sensation in the interior line.

In addition to having a solid body character, this car also carries the feel of racing that penetrates various interior ornaments. However, many automotive observers are unfortunate because some features of the car seem to be not very useful and it’s better to get rid of it, for example radio and Automatic Seat Adjustment. By removing the device, of course the weight of the car will be slightly reduced even though it is not seen significantly.

When you try to get into this car, you will immediately be greeted by racing seats which are famous for being lightweight and supportive to provide the comfort of the driver. You can also tamper with the position of the seat very easily because the device is very easily adjusted electronically for both the driver and passenger seats.

The display head-up of this car can even project to the windshield that provides a G-force meter feature. Yes, you won’t find it in old cars. Perhaps the most familiar feature is the push-button start and navigation system that has been widely used by various new cars.

The selling price of Zenvo ST1 cars

Zenvo ST1 is not only special from various sides ranging from the interior, exterior to the engine, but also about the price. The price of the Zenvo ST1 car in America is priced at around $ 1.8 million. Bombastic isn’t it?

In July 2011, Zenvo ST1 finally managed to enter the American market. The bad news, this car is only sold for 3 units. With prices so expensive, buyers are sure to get a bonus of a Swiss luxury watch that has a price of $ 49,000. Amazing right? His watch can only be used to buy an All-New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport car.

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