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2010 Volvo XC60 R-Design Package Specs and Review

R-Design is a modified package of the original Volvo factory for several types of vehicles that require more appearance. The XC60 features a series of sporty visual features, thanks to a specially adjusted sports chassis and sharper driving characteristics. Enables young souls to enjoy the practicality of the XC60 together with more dynamic handling and different styles.

The XC60 R-Design was first introduced at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and began production in November 2009. It has an additional new dynamic drive from Volvo that has been paired with a more rigid chassis and stiffer dampers. This has been achieved without dramatic impact on driving comfort that allows passengers to continue to enjoy comfortable trips on all types of road surfaces. The chassis has not been lowered ensuring that the Volvo XC60 R-Design maintains ground clearance for off-road adventures.

A more direct steering gear ratio also significantly improves the driving experience. Due to faster steering response, the driver benefits from a more agile feeling and more precise communication with the road surface.

The exterior design of the car has a distinctive R-Design attribute that has been seen in previous versions, namely C30 SportsCoupe, S40 saloon, V50 Sportswagon, premium V70 estate and X -90 SUV R-Design models. Exterior highlights include home mirror doors, mold trims and trim decorations all in matte silk metal, rear skid plates, side abrasion plates and twin chrome tailpipes. The Cratus five-finger aluminum alloy wheels 18 “are only available on R-Design models and, for the first time, 20-inch alloy wheels can be specified on the XC60.

The bottom of the car is also compatible with the color of the entire body, rather than the matte black trim found in the standard S, SE and SE models. This creates the impression that the car sits closer to the ground, giving it a more dynamic appearance – even though the ground clearance remains unchanged.

The interior of the car has a metal layer with aluminum inserts on the steering wheel, door prints, and middle piles. Sports pedals are made of brushed aluminum, with rubber inserts for proper grip, taste and control. The steering wheel is trimmed with perforated leather and features an engraved R-Design emblem that offers a constant reminder to the driver about the dynamic nature of the car.

The dark center displays decorations with a circular pattern that expands outward in a dynamic way. This pattern is repeated in striping on the chair. Furthermore, seats are available with a choice of two color combinations, both bright beige with black or black accents with a young cream accent.

To provide better cornering support and increase comfort in the front seats, both have been given sophisticated sports seat designs with two levels of firmness on the back and seat cushions, thus giving the body a hugging position but comfortable sitting.

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