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2010 Volvo Air Motion Concept Car Specs and Review

This is Volvo’s view of future light cars. Air Motion Concept Car inspired by clamshell uses fewer and lighter components than in traditional cars and compressed air engines to reach an estimated weight of under 1000 lbs (454 kg).

Volvo minimizes weight and complexity, while maximizing driving pleasure, is the philosophy behind the Air Motion Concept Car. Thousands of components are less used than in traditional cars thanks to a strong but simple compressed air motor that replaces heavy internal combustion engines. The motor cools under load rather than heating up, thus eliminating the need for heavy cooling systems. An integrated approach to designing chassis, interior and suspension also contributes significantly.

Volvo Air Motion Concept makes this dream a reality and manifests it in a beautiful Scandinavian body. Designed like seashells and carved from ultra light carbon fiber.

To compress the air needed for an air tank installed in the center, an Air Charging Site is used. Powered by a 1,000-foot floating air turbine in the air, they utilize the power of the wind and turn it into electricity to provide compression.

Most of the heavy savings will come from using a compressed air motor rather than a heavy internal combustion engine along with a carbon fiber body. The chassis, interior and suspension designs have also been simplified to better maintain the vehicle’s light.

Volvo designers say that the need for a cooling system is eliminated because this air motor will cool down under the load rather than heat up.

The concept of interesting refueling is also the blue sky – literally. “Air Replenishment Sites” powered by floating air turbines will be used to convert wind power into electricity to produce compression.

Aimed at driving enthusiasts, by a company that is synonymous with safety and environmental care, Volvo Air Motion Concept shows the beauty and purity of Scandinavian designs and provides a guilty drive and pure driving experience.

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