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2009 Volvo XC60 Cross-Over Specs and Review

The new generation contemporary cross-over concept is present in Volvo XC60 vehicles. With a combination of traditional city vehicles and XC vehicles aimed at young, urban professionals with active lives. The Volvo XC60 is a sporty and dynamic car with premium quality exterior and interior design and versatile functions.

Volvo XC60 exterior

The Volvo XC60 has a distinctive XC design language, with a blend of passenger car and coupe forms – including a touch of the famous Volvo design elements. The formula-drive establishment, with large wheels “at corners”, lifts the visual platform and very high waistline – all contribute to a strong and strong impression. V-shape design, eg Front spoiler, LED lights, engine hood, to the rear.

The rear design is characterized by tail lights with micro optics and LED techniques. The lamp, which distributes light in a special way, gives the impression of a distinctive “Volvo” design.Volvo XC60 integrated roof rails

Roof rails give a strong and firm impression. They are available in two versions – Charcoal (standard) or Silk-Metal – and built in the car at the factory.

Volvo XC60 body

The advanced front structure consists of deformation zones of various levels of steel, each with a specific role in a collision. This structure is designed to help provide increased protection in frontal collisions.

The side structures of various levels of steel and a number of tubes and members are all designed to “move” the body to the side, helping to reduce the risk of passenger compartment intrusion. Volvo Side Impact Protection System helps absorb the force to maintain adequate space for passengers.

Cross members under the Volvo XC60

The front structure is equipped with lower cross members that adjust the front with the height of a normal sized passenger car. This allows other car deformation zones to function because it is intended to provide protection for car passengers.

Volvo XC60 panoramic roof

The panoramic roof is a new detail that replaces the traditional sunroof. It is divided into two parts and provides an airy and fresh interior feeling. Colored and laminated roof glass.

Laminated glass contributes to improving security

Laminated glass can be chosen in all car windows to make breakdowns much more difficult.

Roll Stability Control (RSC) and Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS)

Roll stability control is an active function that intervenes in situations when the car is exposed to forces that can cause it to roll over. This function helps stabilize the car and reduce the risk of tumbling during an accident.

If a rollover accident occurs, the Roll-Over Protection System helps protect passengers. The tilt sensor included in the Roll Stability Control continues to read the car roll rate. If the threshold value is exceeded, the system will take action by for example installing an inflatable curtain. The Roll-Over Protection System is a complex system that includes the body’s safety structure and SRS components.

Volvo XC60 interior details

The interior is driver oriented and designed to create a dynamic feel. Lines on panels and surfaces connect different interior panels to each other to create a harmonious style with “loops”. Thick and thin lines contribute to the XC profile.

The characteristic and floating center console gives a dynamic and sporty impression. The center console is slightly tilted towards the driver to improve driver dynamics. Visual “X” in the chair and backrest improves dynamic appearance.

Practical loading area of Volvo XC60

The loading area has a lockable loading floor that includes two storage areas, one for personal items and another for dirty or wet items. The cargo cover extends throughout the loading area. The back door prevents the floor hatch from being opened when the car is closed and locked.

Three levels of interior

The following interior levels are available for Volvo XC60:

Complete textiles – a combination of two different textiles and available in Off-Black or Soft Beige.
T-Tec and textiles – available in Anthracite Black / Off-Black or Soft Beige / Mocca.
Leather in Off-Black or Soft Beige – offered in Lemon Green / Off-Black or Soft Beige / Espresso Brown accents.

The manual six-speed gearbox provides good traction in each gear to combine fast acceleration at high speed.

Volvo XC60 All Wheel Drive (AWD)

All Wheel Drive is an electronically controlled system that distributes engine power between the front and rear wheels quickly and automatically, depending on which pair of wheels (front or rear wheels) has the best grip at the moment. This system helps improve stability and reduce steering below / above, and contributes to improved driver control and a comfortable ride.

This system is equipped with PreTension® which increases take-off speed and provides higher traction on slippery surfaces.

Volvo XC60 Trailer Stability Assist (TSA)

Trailer Stability Assist is intended to stabilize cars and trailers. The system detects if the trailer starts “snaking”; a phenomenon that can occur at a certain speed depends on the mass of the trailer and how it is loaded. If the Trailer Stability Assist feels a tendency to wriggle, it brakes the individual wheels of the car to ward off oscillations. Trailer Stability Assist is activated at speeds between 60 and 160 kph.

Development of Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) which was further developed

Volvo’s Dynamic Stability and Traction Control System has been further developed and registers car roll rates continuously, providing an opportunity to detect slowly constructed buffers at an early stage. In general, this system helps stabilize the car in evasive maneuvers, especially when the car is hit by high lateral forces.

Hill Descent Control (HDC) for steep slopes

Hill Descent Control controls the speed of the car automatically when driving on steep inclines. The Hill Descent Control function allows the driver to focus fully on driving down a steep hill. The driver can control the speed with the brake pedal or accelerator when the Hill Descent Control is activated.

The Volvo XC60 Concept of Controlled Chassis (FOUR-C)

The Volvo FOUR-C function monitors the movement of the chassis and makes it possible to choose a chassis setting that matches a particular driving style. Drivers can choose between three settings: Comfort, Sport and Advanced.

Power steering that depends on speed contributes to easier steering

The Volvo XC60 is equipped with a power steering that is speed-dependent and progressive to make steering easier at low speeds. One of the three steering power levels can be selected to suit the driver and different driving conditions.

Safety Volvo XC60

City Safety is a new function, feeling whether the vehicle in front moves slower or stands still. By measuring the speed and distance of the car to the vehicle in front, City Safety can calculate the braking force needed when approaching other vehicles. In situations where the calculated braking force is needed to reach a certain level, and the driver has not reacted, the City Safety function senses that a collision will occur immediately.

This function is a standard feature that is active if the car’s speed is below 30 km / h (19 mph). In situations where the speed difference between two vehicles is 15 km / h (9 mph) or less, a collision can be completely avoided. In a potential collision situation where the speed difference between vehicles is between 15-30 km / h (9-19 mph), City Safety alone cannot prevent collisions. However, the consequences of impending collisions can be reduced because the system will intervene to reduce speed when a collision occurs.

The Pre-Prepared Barrier – a new function – is able to prepare / adapt belts and air bags to the expected accident load in a low or rather severe frontal collision before the actual impact occurs. This means that belts and airbags get ‘extra’ time to prepare before impact and help make seat belts and air bags more effective. Remember to always use seat belts when driving or traveling by car. The Pre-Prepared Restriction is a standard feature on the Volvo XC60.

Warning Collision with the Autobrake tells the driver if the distance to the vehicle in front suddenly decreases. This function contributes in giving the driver a fair chance to avoid a collision. The braking function of the system prepares heavy braking and brakes the car automatically (up to 50% of maximum braking power) if the driver does not react to the warning signal. Collision Warning with Autobrake is an optional feature.

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