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2009 Volvo S60 Concept Car Specs and Review

Here is the latest Volvo body, the S60 Concept. Pride is also used as a reincarnation of Scandinavian legend. Shown to the public through NAIAS (North American Auto International Show) 2009 in Detroit, United States. The All-New S60 became the strongest player in its very tight segment and broke the sales target.

The two headlights are like two Viking ships sailing side by side. Not only the greatness of the work of the Vikings was told to S60, but also about Swedish nature. “This car is designed based on the environment and Scandinavian nature. The All-New S60 is a combination work with amazing sensuality. Door sensation Another feature that is also proud of Volvo from the S60 is the structure of the car that does not use the B pillar plus the rear door that opens in a sensational way. The side rear door does not open or swing forward, but backwards. When opened, the back door is just above the rear wheel. As a result, when both doors are opened together, passengers can enter and exit freely, either from or to the front and rear seats. The lines and curves of the body are also proud of Volvo, including its combination with the taillights design.

The S60’s appearance is more stylish and gives a sporty figure, firm with a thin 20-inch tire with a slanted rim. All that illustrates Volvo’s changes in approaching its customers. The brake caliper was painted with brass accents.

On this back, Volvo also attaches a diffuser that moves at the speed of the car. The goal is to get better aerodynamics.


For the interior, Volvo designers combine various ideas. The result is an interior with a combination of modern and classic plus a touch of Swedish art skills. In the middle of the four ‘crown jewel’ seats which bring together a variety of fittings, including Swedish Orrefors crystals combined with an instrument panel that seems to connect to the back. Gear shifting Another breakthrough made by Volvo in the interior is how to move the transmission gear. Sticks or gear shifting mechanisms are designed flexibly. In the horizontal position, the car moves the gear automatically. If the driver wants to move the gear manually, the lever is simply pulled up a little. In addition to the gear shift stick there is also a starter button and parking brake. The center console stretches to the back seat back. Under the crystal panel between each seat, there are two beautiful slideable drinks. Next to the driver’s seat, the crystal console is built into the instrument panel and navigation screen. Both information equipment are at the same height. “We focus on ergonomics and security. How, the height of the instrument panel is designed the same as the navigation screen. In this way, to move to see one indicator to another, it is enough to move the eye horizontally, “Steve added. On top of the instrument there are also information shows and warnings from preventive safety systems through the HUD, while the A pillar is also paired with a blind spot information system (BLIS).

Floating seat

The sailing theme is continued on thin seats with thin contours made of soft light ‘blond blond’ with contrasting bending. Seats are not fixed on the floor, but are attached to the bottom of the center console. As a result, seats like floating. For energy sources, Volvo chose a gasoline engine, 4-cylinder 1.6-liter with direct injection technology plus a turbocharger. Volvo calls it GTD (gasoline turbocharged direct injection) which produces 180 PS of power. This is the first Volvo engine to use a direct injection system.

Other features
• Start / stop, the function of turning off the engine when it is not running.
• Powershift. Two manual transmissions that work in parallel, each arranged by its own coupling. Because there is no torque interruption, the gear change takes place instantaneously.
• EPAS (Electric Power Assisted Steering).
• DRIVEe Mode. This allows the driver to reduce fuel consumption through an economy mode that helps limit the work of a number of electrical and mechanical systems, including air conditioning and automatic gear shift settings.
• Cover the Gril. Wind guide panels that can be closed to reduce obstacles when cooling air requirements are reduced.
• The panel is flat.
• Light body material.

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