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2009 Volvo S40 DRIVe low C02 Emission Specs and Review

DRIVe replaces the 1.6-liter oil-burning used Volvo S40 engine. DRIVe is the name of Volvo engine technology for low CO2 models. And it has successfully married the latest S40 chassis. With only a few changes to the standard car.

What is clearly visible is the smooth body, while the bodywork is lowered 10mm. At the front, the radiator grille has been removed to increase airflow in and around the engine compartment.

Under the steering seat, there is a higher gear ratio and the engine management system has been tweaked to put the economy ahead of performance. As well as very good CO2 numbers, the S40 returns a combined 62.8mpg. But while the saloon meets Volvo’s sub-120g / km emission target, you don’t feel a compromise from behind the wheel.

There are gear shift indicators on the dashboard, but a healthy 240Nm engine torque at 1,750rpm means you never feel as if you are changing too fast when following the instructions. And with the engine speed at 2,200 rpm at 70 mph, he relaxed on the highway.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the S40 DRIVe is that it costs only £ 250 more than the model it replaces. While modification doesn’t help much to increase the appeal of the S40 driver, it has changed from being a car that is easily overlooked by the model which is the first of its kind.

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