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2009 Toyota Vellfire by Wald International

If previously Wald International had introduced an aftermarket body kit upgrade package for the Toyota Alphard, this time we would beautify its twin appearance. Vellfire is the ‘twin’ Alphard even though there is a slight difference in the accessory model. This Vellfire has several differences including the headlights and taillights, as well as the bumper design. But in dimensions the same as Alphard.

This premium MPV is more luxurious than Alphard because the model is cooler. The interior of the Vellfire has a blend of wood panels, leather seats, and the audio gives the impression of luxury. With seats that can be direclining on the legs so you can rest more comfortably. Coupled with two TV monitors that are ready to play your favorite songs or films.

Velfire uses a 2,400 cc 4-cylinder engine with a VVTi system.

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