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2009 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W221 Black Bison by Wald International

W221 is the successor to W220 and the predecessor of W222. Wald International as an aftermarket and car manufacturer, made changes to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan type. Even though the factory standards have been luxurious, Wald wants to make a car with a luxurious and ferocious appearance on the road.

Upgrading the body kit from Wald includes changes to the wheels, exhaust system and bumpers. In this upgrade package, Wald does not provide increased performance and interior changes.

The interior of the W221 is still factory standard, coated with leather, wood and metal. There is an instrument cluster feature with two large flat panel screens, one for the COMAND-based hard disk system that includes a navigation screen and one replacing an analog speedometer with that graphic representation, which can display various additional information and can also be replaced by the Night View Assist display. Below the central COMAND screen there is a silver effect air vent, and a square analog clock in ventilation. Under the ventilation there is a metal tab switch with a black field behind it, to control the HVAC system (all of these functions can also be accessed through the COMAND system, which also offers access to some additional HVAC functions, such as foot-well temperature regulation and air flow control).

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