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2008 Volvo XC70 AWD Specs and Review

Volvo, present offers XC70 in three optional luxury levels namely SE, SE Sport and SE Lux. All have the ability of all-wheel-drive with an intelligent configuration that is able to pass through all terrain in extreme weather. The XC70 provides an attractive driving experience thanks to several features that were significantly improved and combined with the leading safety in its class.

Here is a new 2008 sporty design that captivates the heart. With the placement of the front windshield and the sharp rear corner, the dark side pillars and the former C30 inspired taillights. Equipped with a tough and practical off-road style.

In appearance, the Volvo XC70 is taller than the former V70 body with 57mm and 15mm longer and has a durable scratch-resistant cladding that runs along the sides of the XC70 and around the wheels. Other external features include a redesigned chunkier bumper and chrome front and rear abrasion plates that protect the nose and tail of the car during more difficult off-road work.

XC70 is designed for outdoor lifestyles. Offering exceptional comfort and luxury for five adults but has more than enough space for items such as mountain bikes, skiing and other sports equipment.

A unique blend of used car capabilities previously made the XC70 rank a huge success since it was first introduced in 1996, pioneering a completely new type of car.

The latest version gets stronger performance, better handling, better carrying capacity and versatility, more cabin space and comfort, and greater off-road capability. This is also the first Volvo XC70 available with a six-cylinder engine, improving performance and mechanical refinement. The most elegant and upscale XC70, has improved style, luxury cabins and equipment.

To travel on muddy forest tracks, wade through rivers or ignite ice roads to ski chalets, the all-new Volvo XC70 gets an electronically controlled All-Wheel Drive (AWD) as standard. The unique Volvo Four-C active chassis, which automatically adjusts the dampers to provide a flatter and safer behavior, is standard on the SE Sport version, improving handling and stability both on and off the road. Hill Descent Control (HDC) – which limits steep down speeds, slides slippery up to 6 mph forward and 4mph in reverse and greatly improves low speed control – further increasing off-road credentials.

Equipped with a second generation D5 engine, turbocharged, five cylinder, common-rail. This ultra-clean engine, 185 PS, 400Nm, first shown on the S80, has a particulate filter that can clean itself as standard. Fuel economy is 37.7mpg in a combined cycle, which is equivalent to 199g / km – a good performance for cars with such large carrying capacity and potential on the road and off the road.

The D5 diesel engine is available with a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed Geartronic automatic, which also has manual facilities.

Safety innovations include the design of new child car seats with adjustable two-level booster cushions that ensure optimal seat belt geometry for safety and maximum protection but also offer good visibility outside the window – making children (and parents) happier. ‘When children complain less, parents drive more safely,’ Ahlborg said. Small children will use a higher booster setting, which allows them to look out of the window. Older children, who still need encouragement, are now in unmatched security.

Primary safety is also enhanced thanks to the new innovative Adaptive Cruise Control with Distance Alert and a new Collision Warning with Automatic Brake, which warns the driver when they get closer to the car in front and then installs hard disc brakes for maximum braking force. .

Other safety features include various electronically controlled braking systems such as HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist), RAB (Ready Alert Brakes), FBS (Fading Brake Support) and OHB (Optimized Hydraulic Brakes). All this ensures that the all-new Volvo XC70 stops within the shortest possible distance. DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) prevents slipping and gliding (especially useful on slippery surfaces). The enhanced SIPS side protection now uses superior twin-room airbags (the lower rooms expand with a pressure much higher than the top, because the hips are harder than the torso) and the bigger side curtain airbags. “We believe this is truly the safest car in the real estate class, along with the all new Volvo V70,” Ahlborg said.

The Volvo XC70 is wider and more comfortable than the outgoing model. Rear carrying capacity has grown by 55 liters and into the cargo area is enhanced by a new, larger truck design that incorporates tail lights.

Comfort, the XC70 runway out, has been upgraded, in part by the new seat based on the S80 luxury seat. Volvo is famous for its amazing seats that allow hours of driving on a motorbike. New chairs are increasingly enhanced by the availability of internal ventilation, where fans and perforated skin increase the comfort of seating on hot days. For more typical Swedish weather, the Volvo XC70 is also available with heated front and rear seats.

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