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2008 Volvo V70 R-Design Specs and Review

R-Design is an original factory modification package offered by Volvo for V70 to look sporty and attractive characteristics. This further strengthens Volvo Cars’ goal to offer unique factory-standard custom products to customers who want more.

Volvo V70 R-Design has various advantages, which are practical, safe and emit Scandinavian elegance.

The R-Design package kits for Volvo V70 offer a variety of interesting features. Includes rear view mirror and grille detail in the silken metal lining, exhaust muffler and specially designed 18 inch aluminum wheels. Inside, this is especially the sporty seats clad in black and cool sporty leather at the Nordic Ceramic Light that attract attention – along with various aluminum details. From the aluminum instrument panel inlay to the center console and door side, there is a circular decoration pattern that spreads like ripples in water.

The decorative patterns in aluminum details give the interior a modern and very special character. The pattern symbolizes how R-Design dynamically characterizes the entire car, connects with the surface of ribbed seats and many exterior details on silk metal details.

Volvo R-Design not only offers attractive appearance, but also packs chassis that must be experienced on the road. The sporty chassis offers a lot of driving pleasure and exceptional control in every situation. The sports chassis has been optimized with the help of features such as harder anti-roll bars and bushings and lower ground clearance for more direct road contact and more responsive and useful steering feedback.

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