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2008 Bentley Continental GT Black Bison by Wald International

Bentley Continental GT, a car that has a speed of 48 horsepower. With a four mph increase in top speed. Continetal GT is characterized by a light facelift. The fractional radiator grille is more upright and proud, and the front lower bumper has larger air intakes. Wald International doesn’t want a lot of changes because of the appearance of the car because factory standards are cool. They only add to the tertente parts such as wheels, bumpers, side skirts, lights and exhaust.

The Continental GT engine benefits from a reduction in internal friction and low pressure, but Speed ​​is driven from the connecting rod with the new piston to take advantage of the higher thrust. Continetal GT also has a sharper suspension effect, including a strong front subframe. Conti GT now has a more upright aluminum front and is 77 pounds lighter. Using optional expensive ceramic discs, the largest in production cars.

The interior of Continetal GT is coated with diamond skin. Smaller new steering adds intimacy, and, even though it’s a coupe, the steering wheel is relatively high and comfortable. With a combination of AWD, adaptive self-leveling air suspension, and bespoke 275 / 35×20 Pirelli PZero tires. The steering system is very good, even if used with agility tests. Conti GT is a car that is very easy to drive quickly in all situations.

Bentley creates a Tiptronic lever that is beautifully crafted and very easily accessed when driving in a traffic jam. A sweet exhaust sound when driving fast is the best.

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