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2007 Volvo XC60 Concept Car Specs and Review

A car concept for the future was introduced by Volvo through XC60. This time it offers premium sports vehicles that come from Volvo Cars. The concept car is also full of design innovations and exhibits several design elements that will become part of the future Volvo.

Viewed from a design standpoint, the Volvo XC60 Concept is a brave and emotionally charged cart. The concept car, sparkling in a dashing tin bronze pattern, has been flavored with the best of two types of dynamic cars.

The classic iron sign was reintroduced to Volvo cars almost two years ago and has now been enlarged to make the brand image stronger. Embedded in a trapezoidal grille, a large iron sign gives a distinctive signal that the future has arrived.

The new tilt position lights on both sides of the grille are also part of the next generation of Volvo car DNA. Together with sweeping headlights and front wings, they emit an aggressive attitude that also emphasizes the classic V-shape hood.

The front and rear skid-plates are integrated to provide an elegant yet different signal that is primarily a crossover with real on-road properties.

The sculptural and emotional forms that are an important part of the direction of Steve Mattin’s design in the future became very prominent when the Volvo XC60 concept was viewed from the side.

With 20-inch wheels, accented wheel housings and aluminum scuff plates, muscular XC shades are emphasized at the bottom of the car, while the sleek profile of the window and roofline dramatically gives the atmosphere a sporty coupe at the top.

The tailgate design features other smart innovations. The bottom moves out and rises above the top. This creates enough opening for small items without requiring the entire tailgate to be opened. Of course, the tailgate can also be fully opened. The third alternative is to open the top only.

Another interesting solution is the dark panel at the bottom of the rear body. Viewed from the inside, it becomes transparent to increase the driver’s ability to see the area behind the car.

The roof is also transparent, with dark colored glass mounted on a Y-shaped bearing structure.

At the rear, the Volvo name on the tailgate features clearer letters with wider distances than before. This is also a new feature that will be echoed throughout the range of models to enhance brand image.

The Volvo XC60 Concept has an interior design that is at least as brave as the exterior. This applies especially to the instrument panel and the floating center pile and the thin, floating, front and rear seats.

The interior is dominated by an elegant combination of saddle leather and aluminum. The upper part is usually Scandinavian light, while the bottom has a contrasting espresso brown color.

Steve Mattin’s team has also thought a lot of lighting in the cabin, with the aim of creating a functional area of ​​both light and a pleasant atmosphere – mood lighting that emphasizes the modern atmosphere in the Volvo XC60 Concept.

The driver’s main instrument resembles bees with a round analog speedometer as a “body” centered between two digital “wings” that display the display for other information.

The new instrument panel and steering wheel are in harmony with the iconic floating center stack, which is tilted towards the driver. Even slimmer than the current production model, freeing up additional storage space behind the console.

The four rotary controls also come alive through the start-up sequence. All other buttons are sensitive to touch.

The unique gear selector is an innovation in the form of sliding controls of the same type as those found on light and sound technician mixer tables. The door control panel is also identical to the middle stack.

Volvo Cars is world-famous for its comfortable and ergonomically designed seats. In the Volvo XC60 Concept, they are further refined with sleek and asymmetrical lines that provide additional comfort, especially when riding and getting off the car. Bright colored chairs seemed to float on the dark floor.

All seats have integrated seat belts. Headrests and headrests, in the front and rear seats, have a ponytail slot. This feature was introduced a few years ago at Volvo YCC (Your Concept Car), and in the Volvo XC60 Concept, this feature has been extended to the rear to provide better ventilation and improve rear vision. The slot also features integrated ambient lighting.

The ponytail slot on the backrest has the same attachment type as on the luggage compartment floor. This allows various possibilities to use accessories or secure various types of cargo. In addition, there is storage space for the specially designed Volvo XC60 luggage baggage placed under the rear seat, easily accessible via the rear door.

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