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2007 Volvo S60 Specs and Review

The S60 is a further improved sedan, with a view set on the current profile of the sedan. Bemoaning the design, the front spoiler (option) has been redesigned to get a more prominent and prominent contour at the bottom. In the optional variant, the entire front spoiler, including the frame and bottom rear bumper, is coordinated color with the car body. The boot cover can also be determined with a new sporty wing spoiler. Model 2007 also gets a new grille with a larger and more prominent Volvo emblem in the form of a classic but rejuvenated iron symbol. Mirror door displays an integrated side indicator. At the same time, a practical new indicator function is introduced: Press the lever lightly and the indicator flashes three times. Three new exterior colors – Electric Silver, Orinoco Blue and Maple Red – provide increased freedom of choice, as well as three new aluminum wheels – Nodes (7×16 inches), Tucana (7.5×17 inches) and Eudora (8×18 inches).

The interior of the S60 is designed to be more sporty with metal decoration trims and twin color leather upholstery. It has a number of new features, including a new Aluminum Grid metal decoration panel. These panels are optional and have been designed to create a three-dimensional impression and a feeling of touch. On the column rod, air intake control and steering wheel, bright aluminum work has been added. Bright work is also included in the new three-wheel sports steering wheel with hollow skin (option). To further enhance the sporty tone, the instrument panel can be determined optionally with the same type of instrument as the watch introduced in the Volvo S80 and which previously was the exclusive preservation of the Volvo, S60 R sporty model. The seat range has been updated with a sporty leather seat option in two colors and a contrasting texture with contrasting stitches.

To show off the sporty nature of the car on the road, the standard chassis has been further developed in a number of areas. Stronger shock absorbers and front and rear springs increase the torsional stiffness of the car by about 25 percent. The anti-roll blades are also stronger than before and the bushes are sturdy, which together enhance a harmonious balance between ensuring road behavior and flexible driving comfort.

Engine power in the Volvo S60 is a five-cylinder, in-line transverse unit. The five-cylinder engine provides low vibration and smooth operation. Together with large displacement, the five-cylinder configuration provides high torque across the wide band, and thus also fast acceleration and exceptional driving capability in a wide speed range.

The Volvo S60 T5 is a premium model, featuring a turbocharger and six-speed gearbox. The engine range also includes a diesel engine with particle filters, and Volvo Bi-Fuel which is optimized for the environment that can be run with methane or gasoline.

The chassis, with spring support at the front and Multilink axle at the rear, is set for convincing and convincing driving stability and alert steering response. The Multilink rear axle is an independent rear suspension system that displays a number of links and is designed to offer a good combination of controlled wheel movement and high driving comfort. Some of these links have the task of giving a certain level of anti-skid steering effect. A long and wide wheelbase, together with a very torsional body, contributes to predictable and controlled driving.

The advanced Volvo DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) stability enhancement system is installed as standard. DSTC cuts and helps stabilize the car if it registers a tendency to slip. Active chassis with advanced Four-C technology is available as an option. With this system, the chassis settings are adjusted automatically to suit current driving conditions, thus increasing comfort in handling and driving. Two alternative chassis settings are programmed into the system. With the touch of a button, the driver can change the behavior of the car to suit the driving conditions and personal taste. The Volvo S60 2.5T AWD has an Volvo electronically controlled All-Wheel Drive system with Instant Traction, for fast and effective traction distribution even when moving on slippery surfaces.

The Volvo S60 can also be optionally equipped with Active Bi-Xenon Light – the main light beam that follows the road trajectory. Mini processors are used to measure and analyze a number of parameters and optimize beam patterns. The main beam can be rotated up to 15 degrees in both directions, and thus can illuminate a longer stretch of road even in curves.

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