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2007 Jaguar XJ X350 Black Bison by Wald International

WALD INTERNATIONAL provides an upgrade Black Bison package for Jaguar XJ (X350). The four-door luxury vehicle gets BODY KIT for its 2007 mid-facelift.

Although there is no power upgrade package, the X350 still excels with a six-speed automatic transmission, various gasoline and diesel engines (V6, V8 and supercharged V8), various trim levels – and short wheelbase for production (2003–2009) or wheelbase length for production (2005–2009) configuration. The extended model is the longest vehicle produced by Jaguar.

The Jaguar X350 is known for its sophisticated electrical system, adaptive air suspension that has its own leveling and fully aluminum monocoque bodywork, the first for mass-produced cars. 40 percent lighter and 50 percent stiffer than previous XJ generations, although the overall size has increased.

Styling from the seventh generation is a conservative evolution of the previous XJ styling; the sliced ​​grille deliberately recalled the original 19J XJ grille.

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