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2006 Wiesmann-Roadster MF30 and MF3 Specs and Price

The Wiesmann-Roadster is a classic sports car that has dynamic and strong specifications, MF 30 and MF 3 are made to take market positions around the price of € 91,000 and € 96,000. Supported by a classic car fans community that continues to grow and be produced since 1993.

Wiesmann-Roadster continues to be developed and continuously updated with technical progress. Improvements to the interior and simple changes to the external appearance of the Roadster are signs of a real, sustainable development of the concept of the vehicle.

The classic form of the car body, which became very successful and was very liked by Wiesmann’s customers, remains unchanged. Additional options allow customers to make their own homemade dream car. Customers want a car that is equipped individually, according to their wishes.

The 2006 Wiesmann-Roadster is available with two powerful engines – MF 30 – 170 kW / 231 HP – 2,979 cc and MF 3 – 252 kW / 343 HP – 3,246 cc.

The Wiesmann-Roadster MF 30 fitted with 3 liters and 231 horsepower is adequate for a sports car.For Wiesmann-Roadster MF 3 with its output of 343 horsepower and 365 Nm of torque combined with a sequential manual 6-speed gearboxes are driven to reach the top speeds.

The extension of standard equipment covers the following new features: BMW M3-Motor 252 kW / 343 HP and 365 Nm, Dynamics switch (selectable sporty / comfortable throttle valve control), New design of the rear light-clusters and the front flashers, Additional side blinkers in the sills, redesigned door-lock, new switch design in the central console, new control lights display, new design for the instrument panel, interior improvements with leather elements in cross-stitch patterns

Special equipment available at an extra price: Sequential 6-speed gearbox (SMG II) with switch on the steering wheel (2 driving modes: manual gear change with steering wheel switch or with the gear stick; automatic mode), Drivelogic (6 different driving program for comfortable driving through sports driving, acceleration assistant (for optimum vehicle acceleration at sports car racing level), control light display with gear indicator, DSC Dynamic Stability control (manual cut-out), modification of the front lighting units ( additional xenon or H7 headlights), Wider wheels (255/30 on 9.5×19 “front, 295/30 on 11×19” rear)

The optical and aerodynamic developments, in combination with the modified standard equipment and great variety of individual possibilities, once again enhanced the attractiveness of the Wiesmann-Roadster.

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