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2006 Volvo XC90 Sport Specs and Review

To trick customer attention, Volvo Car Corporation presents a new sports version for the XC90 SUV. Equipped with a dynamic chassis arrangement and unique appearance and specifications, the Volvo XC90 Sport will offer a more pleasant ride and desire for the driver.

If reviewed further, the Volvo XC90 Sport is not only sporty in terms of aesthetics. The chassis characteristics have been enhanced to increase the real driving pleasure. Both shock absorbers and anti-roll bars have been made more rigid to offer a high level of stability when cornering. The steering wheel has also been adjusted to offer a fast steering response. In addition, the Volvo self-leveling system, Nivomat, is standard in the five and seven seat models. The system has been adjusted to offer exceptional stability and driving control.

Review the Volvo XC90 Sport’s exterior design

The Volvo XC90 Sport will be launched in a unique color for this XC90 variant, the Passion Red, plus chrome-plated dual exhaust pipes and larger 19 inch alloy wheels – available in bright silver or diamond diamonds with contrasting effects. The curvature of the wheel arches on the color body helps to emphasize the big wheels specifically clearly.

The details and trim will have a satin silver lining rather than the standard chrome, and the bottom slip plate is also satin satin. Unique threshold mold in brushed stainless steel. To accentuate the sporty nature of the car and create a sleeker look, this car is not equipped with roof rails – although they will be available as an option for customers who need it.

Review the engine used on the Volvo XC90 Sport

The engine series for the Volvo XC90 Sport includes the Volvo’s V8 (315 hp) and the new 3.2-liter six-cylinder gasoline engine, plus the latest generation D5 (185 hp) turbodiesel. All three are very powerful and energy-efficient machines that contribute to a sporty driving experience. The engine is very compact and is installed transversely in the engine compartment for the best safety and spacious cabin.

Machine Options:

 V8, gasoline 4.4 l, V8, Power: 315 hp (232 kW), Torque: 440 Nm
 3.2, gasoline 3.2 l, I6, Power: 238 hp (175 kW), Torque: 320 Nm
 D5, diesel 2.4 l, I5, Power: 185 hp (136 kW), Torque: 400 Nm

Review the interior of the Volvo XC90 Sport

The interior design is adapted to a more sporty character with sport steering wheel and perforated leather gear selector plus sports seats with additional lateral pads to support the driver, even on faster corners.

The leather in the seat is a combination of two levels of leather that gives a sporty and exclusive impression. Decorative pipes in different color shades also enhance the impression.

The fast instrument has a chronograph-style watch face with a sparkling blue luster. A decorative carpet with a crème piping decoration completes a picture of a sporty interior with attractive hi-tech nuances.

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