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2006 Lexus SC by Wald International

Body Kit 2006, has renewed LEXUS SC with changes that include redesigned alloy wheels. Widely still the factory standard, the engine used is a modified version of SC 430’s 3UZ-FE V8 which was also used in Toyota Supra racing cars from previous years.

LEXUS SC displays the concept of the Sport Coupe. Unlike the previous generation models, the redesigned Lexus SC was intended as a conversion from the start. Lexus designers from Europe and Japan work together to make efficient designs.

WALD INTERNATIONAL still features a retractable aluminum hardtop, all leather interiors with aluminum accents, a navigation screen with folding wood panels, and 18 inch aluminum wheels. [26] The Lexus Chrome emblem is mounted on the back of the front seat headrest. The coupe has four seat belts and technically can accommodate four, but the rear seat space is limited. The hardtop is fully attractive in 25 seconds. Standard luxury interior, Walnut Burl or Bird’s Eye Maple wood trim, Mark Levinson premium sound system, DVD-based navigation system, and headlamp washing machine. For additional luggage space, as an option, equipped with run-flat tires.

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