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2005 Volvo S60 Specs and Review

The Volvo S60 is a sedan vehicle produced by a Swedish company, Volvo since 2000 for the global market. Volvo S60 was first launched in 2000 with a 4-door vehicle. This car is assembled in Ghent, Belgium. The Volvo S60 2005 has been updated in a large number of areas, which together give the car a stronger appearance and character and at the same time emphasize ties to the entire Volvo range.

The front is completely new, with a more different nose with a more rounded contour. The grid is bigger and arranged slightly lower to give a more dynamic attitude. The grille on the Volvo S60 is black, as is lower air intake, which distinguishes sedans from the V and XC models. Dark headlamps surround it and round foglamps also help create different profiles.

The headlights are also new, with clear lenses and a high-performance reflector design (for halogen and Bi-Xenon lamps). At the same time, Volvo has switched from glass to plastic, which is lighter and more resistant to damage to stone chips. It is also softer for pedestrians in the event of a collision. The Volvo traditional headlamp wiper has been replaced with a high pressure washer set to a pop-up nozzle.

Windshield wipers are the latest type, featuring integrated flat blades. They have a more modern appearance and produce less wind noise than traditional eraser blades. What’s more, they provide more pressure on the windshield, which increases the effectiveness of the glass eraser.

Side trim prints that match color are now the standard and enhance the coordinated impression of the Volvo S60. The lower body line (sills, lower trim door and bottom of the bumper) is black, but can be determined optionally in body color.

The bumper corner shows a decorative and practical protective mold. They match colors as standard and can also be determined with thin chrome-plated decorative prints. Corner molds can be easily replaced if damage occurs.

The Volvo S60 also becomes more sporty on the back. The tail lights have a more technically inspired design with transparent glass and visible light bulbs. The light pattern has also been changed.

The exhaust muffler has also been modified, with a glossy finish and proportions that better reflects engine power. The 2.0T, 2.5T and T5 models feature chrome-plated tailpipes. In parallel, the cutouts on the bumper skirt have been integrated more smoothly than before.

Volvo designers have focused hard on making the interior comfortable and inviting. For example, the center console – the car’s central control panel – has a slimmer design with decorative decorative frames in materials such as genuine walnuts or original aluminum (light or dark). Even the dark gray panel has been changed to provide better contrast with controls and make it easier to use.

The audio system, which has been upgraded with Dolby Pro Logic II, has separate new buttons for radio station selection and fast functions, and the most sophisticated system has an integrated CD converter for no fewer than six disks.

The tunnel console is completely new, with a more homogeneous design and construction that is far more rigid than before. This greatly increases the quality aura. Elegant shutter roller hides lit compartments for storage which also includes enhanced cupholders.

The rear armrest also has a new, more functional design with a fixed cupholder and a higher quality feel.

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