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2005 BMW 7-Series by Wald International

The BMW 7 Series is a full-size luxury car line produced by BMW. Body kits were first introduced by Wald International in 2005. Currently the 7 Series is the most luxurious series of BMW cars and is only available in sedan or limousine versions. 7 Series is usually used by BMW to introduce new technologies before being introduced to the BMW series below.

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2011 BMW 5-Series F10 by Wald International
The sixth generation of the BMW 5 Series was launched in November 2009.
2010 BMW 7-Series F01 Black Bison by Wald International
The F01 is the rank of the BMW 7 Series which received an
2008 BMW M5 by Wald International
The latest body kit for the 2008 BMW comes from Wald International. This
2008 BMW 3-Series by Wald International
Wald International as an aftermarket manufacturer offers body kits for the BMW 3
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