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2005 Aston Martin DB7 by Wald International

DB7 is a large tour produced by Aston Martin until December 2004. The DB7 Body Kit is available as either coupé or convertible. The modification package from Wald International was completed in 2005. The six-cylinder DB7 under the handmade Virage V8 was introduced a few years earlier. This model is the highest production of Aston Martin vehicles, with more than 7,000 built before being replaced by DB9.


DB7, which is known internally as an NPX project, was made mostly with resources from Jaguar and received financial support from Ford Motor Company.DB7 engineered in Kidlington, Oxf ordshire, by Tom Walkinshaw Racing on behalf of Aston Martin. The machine continues to be built in Kidlington during the vehicle production process.

Aston Martin DB7 and their relatives are the only Aston Martins produced in Bloxham and the only one that has a steel unit construction inherited from Jaguar. Using aluminum for the body of their car, and the model introduced after DB7 uses aluminum for the chassis as well as for many major body parts.

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