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2004 Volvo Your Concept Car Specs and Review

Volvo YCC (short for “Your Concept Car”) is a concept car by a Volvo car manufacturer presented in 2004, with the aim of meeting the needs of female drivers. For this, in the spring of 2001, Volvo formed a design team that was entirely female. The design of this car is a form of massive research on ergonomic problems that are focused on women. The people involved in the various stages of the design were: Maria Widell Christiansen, Eva-Lisa Andersson, Elna Holmberg, Maria Uggla, Camilla Palmertz, Cynthia Charwick, Anna Rosén, Lena Ekelund, and Tatiana Butovitsch Temm.

From the outside, this car looks like a rather futuristic four-passenger coupe, but if seen more closely, it will appear that this car has no engine lid, meaning that the car’s engine cannot be opened. For engine maintenance, all the front cover of the car must be opened, it should be in a place that has equipment for it. However, this does not need to be done often: the engine only needs oil changes after 50,000 kilometers and this car will automatically contact the workshop for some time before needing service. The hole to fill the wiper water is located right next to the gas refueling hole. These two filling holes are in the form of a ball valve that has no lid. One of the results of a Volvo survey said that female drivers did not like the engine lid.

This car can still run even though with a flat tire because the wheels are designed like the wheels of an armored vehicle. This is to avoid roadside tire replacement and tire replacement can be done in the workshop.
Volvo YCC with seagull wing doors.

The door of the car is in the shape of a seagull that is opened up, as is the hatchback door that is also opened up. These three doors use a “no key” system. If the button on the key chain is pressed, the closest door will open. This makes it easier if you are carrying a bag or groceries without having to put it on the ground first.

The inside of the car is maximized for goods and beauty. The entire inner cover can be removed easily to change the choice of colors and materials. In the head of the seat, there is a hemisphere for women whose hair is tied back. The stick replacement gear and handbrake are removed, and replaced with buttons on the steering wheel, to make it easier for the person sitting in the front seat to open a large luggage storage compartment on the dashboard. The back seat can be folded so that large enough items can be placed there without needing to be placed in the trunk.

Finally, this car engine has a low emission, and is a mixture of gas-fueled engines and electric-powered engines, which produce great power but are environmentally friendly.

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