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2004 Volvo XC90 Replica by by Lego Master Model Builders

First launched at the New York Auto Show, the XC90 comes with materials made of Lego bricks. Built by Lego Master Model Builders, members of an elite team of talented artists who design, manufacture and maintain thousands of Lego brick models in Legoland® California. Built at US headquarters for Lego Systems, Inc. at Enfield, Conn., Master Builders began production of the Volvo XC90 in January 2004. Recorded as one of the three most satisfying projects of its kind for Master Builders, the complicated assembly stage was captured with time-lapse photography.

As a recognized safety leader in the automotive industry, Volvo is an “Official Car” from Legoland® California and will work with a theme park to bring the message of driving safety to 1.3 million annual visitors to the national park. The Volvo XC90, made of Lego bricks, although it cannot be driven, will stand at the entrance of the park as a symbol of the commitment of the two companies to safety and family.

Legoland California is a 128-hectare amusement park designed specifically for children aged two to 12 years. With more than 50 family rides, “live” attractions and shows, Legoland California provides education, adventure and fun in this type of park in the United States.

Besides Legoland California, there are three other Legoland parks in the world – Legoland Billund in Denmark; Legoland Windsor, outside London; and Legoland Deutschland in Germany.

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