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2004 Volvo XC90 PUV Concept Car Specs and Review

Armed with the first V8 engine at the Paris International Auto Show, Volvo Cars of North America, LLC (VCNA) proudly presented the XC90 PUV Concept that attracted the attention of the 2004 Specialized Manufacturers Association Association (2004). Wrapped in a smoldering racing red paint scheme, the XC90 PUV will make the drivers of high-class European exotic cars look away.

PUV is a very fun concept car. It has all the safety that Volvo is known for with the appearance and performance of exotic cars. But Volvo Car Corporation will never offer the XC90 PUV on the market.

After successfully passing the aggressive position of the Volvo XC90 PUV and a fully customizable body improvement. Equipped with engines with output reaching 650 horsepower through the use of massive superchargers, revised engine mapping, and low exhaust exhaust. That power was transferred through a modified version of Haldex’s electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system. This system is “pre-filled” which means that the power can be directly transferred to the wheel with the most traction. The new 6-speed automatic “Geartonic” transmission complements the driveline.

To maintain overall compactness, all supporting units such as alternators are installed directly into the engine itself. The starter motor is mounted above the transmission for the same reason. In addition, the exhaust camshafts are driven by a secondary chain that runs the camshaft inlet, saving additional space.

The left cylindrical bank is offset by a half cylinder in front of the right bank, contrary to normal practice in the automotive world – so the engine can slot neatly into the XC90 structural beam network and thus increase impact safety. The result is a V8 that is only 29.7 inches long and 24.9 inches wide – the most compact on the market compared to an engine with an equivalent volume.

As a result of this compact dimension and the fact that the beam head and cylinder head are made of aluminum, the new Volvo V8 weighs only 418 pounds – an important consideration when targeting low fuel consumption.

The extraordinary style of PUV is highlighted by the red paint scheme. The Volvo XC90 PUV is right above the 9-inch ultra-wide ultra-performance alloy wheels. Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico tires are the front and rear 275/40-ZR20s.

The front is a very deep front airdam with a wide mouth opening that helps channel cold air into the engine compartment and supercharger intercooler. Being in the front fascia is a small and high intensity fog lamp. The air slips smoothly around the front end of the PUV and above the wheel arches that are made very wide. Deep cutting on the back of the air sills directly around the tire to a 13-inch floating rear brake, equipped with a 4-piston caliper. The front brake tasks are handled by 15-inch floating discs with 8-piston calipers.

Behind, the rear mosquito net seamlessly integrates the artificial quad exhaust tip. Colored windows, tail lights and headlights and body color mirrors complement the touch of cosmetics on the Volvo XC90 PUV Concept Car.

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