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2004 Volvo V50 SV Concept Car Specs and Review

The V50 SV Concept made its debut at the 2004 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) trade show. It was the first high-performance car to emerge from the Volvo Cars Special Vehicle department in Gothenburg, Sweden. V50 SV was designed to attract the interest of a generation of young fans who might not regard the Volvo brand as safe and conservative.

Previously the V50 sportswagon was designed with an aggressive style and superb driving characteristics designed to make a younger audience interested in the Volvo brand. The V50 SV is a disposable design to see how far Volvo can push a cart package.

Sometimes Volvo has no plans to offer Volvo V50 SV parts or materials through its retail network, Volvo provides young fans and aftermarket companies such as Wald International, AC Schnitzer, and Abt Sportsline. This is done to raise the spirit of making their creative modification ideas to keep flowing. Volvo V50 SV has what it takes to turn heads and handle well on the race track.

What dominates the performance of the Volvo V50 SV is under a specially made hood: embedded in a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine lifted from the Volvo high-performance S60 R. However, while the S60 R issued 300 praiseworthy horsepower, the V50 SV raised bets far by producing 340 stunning horsepower – an increase of 122 horsepower from 218 standard horsepower found in the production of V50 T5.

Like a turbocharged engine, getting large amounts of cold air driven through a turbo house is what completes the job. In the case of the Volvo V50 SV, the highly modified front end combines massive low air intake. Air is flowed into the engine compartment to the turbo through a larger tunnel. The turbo boost pressure has been increased from 1.0 bar to a stunning 1.4 bar.

Horsepower is nothing without torque and the Volvo V50 SV won’t disappoint. Volvo’s history of minimizing turbo lag and offering a broad torque curve from very low rpm is maintained at V50 SV. With 331 lb.-ft. in tapping from 1,500 to 4,800 rpm, the Volvo V50 SV will run up to 60 mph in about 5.5 seconds.

The modified exhaust system with low restrictions with a large 3-inch diameter chrome finish adds a final touch to the rear and also helps improve engine performance. Hoarseness and his typical burble gave V50 SV the “presence sidewalk”.

Placing power on the sidewalk is a close 6-speed manual transmission ratio that is also borrowed from the S60 R. The Volvo V50 SV clutch effort, however, is lighter and easier to modulate than the electronically controlled S60 R. Volvo. the wheel drive system by Haldex directs power to the rear wheels almost instantly when the front tire starts to lose traction.

In a normal driving situation, the Volvo V50 SV mainly gives power to the front wheels. Only when the system detects that the front wheel loses traction and starts to spin, it gives power to the rear wheels.

This system uses a ‘wet’ mechanical pump and multi-plate clutch to distribute power to the rear wheels. The difference in rotational speed between the slipping front wheel and rear wheel causes the pump (located in the rear differential) to force the oil to the wet clutch plate in the rear differential, pushing the plates together to transfer power to the rear wheel. A small electric pump is used to “pre-pressure” the system so that power transfers occur almost instantly.

This system is electronically controlled through modules installed in the rear differential. This module controls the electric pump and oil control valve. The differential module communicates with the engine control module (ECM) and the brake control module via the network to determine when the front wheel (driven) begins to lose traction and to anticipate various driving situations. The system is tuned so finely that it can react until at least a quarter of a turn difference between the input shaft and the differential output shaft.

The aggressive attitude of Volvo V50 SV is made possible through European tuned sport suspension which is optionally available on Euro-spec V50s. The lowered 12 mm ride height is achieved through shorter, stiffer springs and stronger shock absorbers.

The suspension system has been carefully redesigned to maintain a flat position at the corners, while never being nervous when the off-throttle maneuver can threaten to carry the tail of the Volvo V50 SV around.

Filling the wheel well Volvo V50 SV is a sticky Pirelli 235 / 40ZR-18 fast tire mounted on an 18-inch lightweight performance alloy wheel. To optimize handling, the back toes have been rotated in .50 inches, while the back toes come out .70 inches. Front and rear camber angles are rotated at 1.0 degree.

Enhanced, restrained, and coordinated are the words that best describe the Volvo V50 SV Concept. In fact, buyers who are interested in V50 can actually get some exterior style pieces – something that is usually not found on SEMA screen cars.

The Volvo Dynamic Trim package (MSRP: $ 2,025) is available from any Volvo retailer and has a body color front and rear spoiler, lower side extension, rear bumper mosquito net and 17 inch “Sculptor” wheel rim coated with Michelin MXM4 all -season tires. In addition, 18-inch accessory wheels are also available through the retailer’s network.

The glossy disposable, sophisticated and quiet Sonic Blue paint covers the potential performance of Volvo V50 SV. The standard roof mounted spoiler has been adjusted to create more down force at high speeds and the carvings allow for better engine compartment air flow. To reduce the V50 profile, a standard roof rail has been removed. Massive black-mesh grid inserts and high-intensity gas release headlights well complement the standard Volvo egg grille and ledge.

Volvo’s special attention to interior ergonomics is maintained with V50 SV. Simply modified simply, the most obvious after the driver took refuge in the cabin is a layer of aluminum brushed around the cluster instrument. The material matches what is found in the middle stack and the ultra-slim innovative door panel, and gives a high-tech look to the neatly arranged Scandinavian interior. A small shift light has been inserted into the panel and a turbo boost gauge has also been added, with a maximum thrust pressure reading of 1.4 bar.

Passengers in the rear seats will enjoy the entertainment system The fully integrated dual-screen Volvo Rear Seat. The 7-inch twin color LCD screen has been installed on the back of the front headrest with a DVD player that provides entertainment. The Volvo Dual Screen Rear Seat Entertainment System is available from every Volvo Retailer as a factory-installed option on the Volvo XC90.

Other interior touches include “Wetsuit” coatings, three-spoke sports steering wheels Volvo accessories with aluminum inlays, aluminum shift knobs and custom-made racing pedals. The amazing Dolby Pro Logic II 425 watt stereo system with a 6-disc in-dash player is maintained from the existing V50.

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