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2004 Volvo V50 Romero Britto Specs and Review

Romero Britto is a Volvo car that continues to explore wild side streets in North America, LLC (VCNA). Volvo V50 is a pop art in the driver’s seat because the all-new one receives a makeover from world-famous artist Romero Britto. The result is a very different special edition vehicle. And, that’s all for good purposes.

The all-new Volvo V50 is the newest new vehicle from Volvo. This is a truly new five-door model with aggressive lines, smart design solutions and flexible interiors. The main idea behind this vehicle is VIVA – Volvo Intelligent Vehicle Architecture. VIVA is a new approach that presents safety, design and style that excels in its class, with an exciting driving experience. The all-new Volvo V50 is an original premium sportswagon with characteristics that are attractive to people who are young at heart and have a passion for life. This customer sets a demanding standard in terms of design and functionality. Because of this, the vehicle’s emphasis is on vibrant design and sporty taste, with bonuses in the form of practical details and extra luggage space.

Romero Britto’s style is neo-pop cubism, intricate woven pop art and neoteric cubist interpretations. His artwork has a unique combination of rich and bright colors, bold patterns and outlines. Add to your sense of imagination and you have a style that communicates a sense of spontaneity that is fun playing. Romero Britto’s art is a representation of life, celebrated through bright colors.

The representation of life is very compatible with Volvo Cars because the Volvo brand is about protection and celebration of life. Even the Volvo tagline is “for life.” And, the all-new Volvo V50 is a sportswagon of premium activity for those who have “a large capacity to live.” Most cars are known for how much you can put in, but the all-new Volvo V50 will be known for how much life you can get from it.

The marriage of Romero Britto and Volvo are both big supporters of the Best Friends charity. Best Buddies is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-on-one friendship and integrated work. This special edition Volvo V50 will be auctioned later this year, with results benefiting the Best Friends.

The all-new special edition Volvo V50 is a win-win situation to do something unique that not only brings attention to the all-new Volvo V50, but also helps support Best Friends.

Romero Britto has a significant following and presence in the United States, Europe and Asia. He is from Brazil and began his artistic painting career on paperboard and newspapers. At the age of 14, he had his first public exhibition. At present Britto artwork is worth less wealth. He has painted everything from CD covers, cutlery, to bikinis and murals. Britto even has a fragrance line.

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