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2004 Volvo Evolve S40 Concept Specs and Review

Introduced in mid-2004, the second-generation S40 obtained a new design based on the Volvo P1 platform built at the Volvo Cars plant in Ghent, Belgium. At the same time, the V40 was replaced by V50 parts, also based on the P1 platform and built in Ghent. The S40 was developed for the World Car of the Year award for 2005 and won the Car of the Year Best New Sport of the Year award from Canada for 2005. The S40 has also been selected as the South African Car for 2005 by the South African Union of Motorized Joons.

The S40 T5 (one of several S40 variants) has a 2.5 L (2521 cc) five-cylinder injection engine with a light-pressure turbocharger. The Valvetrain has four valves per cylinder and is a DOHC design. Engine parts are installed transversely on the front of the vehicle and move the front wheels.

Volvo S60 Evolve comes in the form of an attractive new S40 sports sedan. Sold to Evolve Cars, Inc. at a price of $ 1, the Volvo S40 is truly a VCNA Marketing exercise designed to build interest among the aftermarket fan segment.

Painting an interesting Silver and Titanium metallic paint scheme, Evolve S40 is a full frontal attack on the tuner enthusiast market. It is estimated that 425 horsepower drives all four wheels through a close ratio of 6-speed manual transmission through an electronically controlled Volvo Haldex all-wheel-drive drive system.

From 30 feet away, it’s clear that the Evolve S40, which is based on the production version of the popular Volvo S40 sports sedan, is not a normal Volvo. The S40 design signal is considered extreme with Evolve S40. The most striking is the body and slim pieces that are designed aggressively. At the front is an Evolve-designed front bumper with an ultra-deep front spoiler that houses the typical Evolve Cars mesh inlay. Functional twin air inlet shovels are printed onto the cold front front fenders directly above the turbocharger and into the engine compartment to improve engine performance and cooling.

The bottom side frame, rear mosquito net, trunk spoiler and rear light trim add to the aggressive appearance of Evolve S40. The fuel door has been stored and the relocated filler is not visible. Perhaps the most suitable for the establishment of Evolve S40 is a high performance wheel and tire package. The Evolve S40 drives staggered shoes. The lightweight HRE C21alloy wheels have a width of 8.5 inches in front and 11.0 inches wide in the back. Front and rear diameters are 19.0 inches. The wheels are wrapped in low profile Pirelli PZero Rosso tires which are 255 / 30ZR-19 in front and 305 / 25ZR-19 at the rear.

Other exterior modification accessories include a specially designed 3.5-inch dual exhaust system, dark tail lights and a body-colored moon roof.

Two small gaps on the Evolve S40 fender believe in their performance potential. Used to direct air in and around the engine compartment, they are needed to keep things cool under the hood of a car that is carved. And they are very much needed. The front and center that are in the engine room are massive turbocharger intercooled. The thick veins of the pipe run across the inline 5-cylinder engine and the support of the support tower helps stabilize the Evolve S40 chassis to 550 horsepower.

Braking Evolve S40 is a high-performance braking system. At the front there is a very large 380mm two-piece rotor with eight Racing cooled AP Racing calipers. At the rear there is a 362mm two-part rotor with six piston AP Racing calipers. Large rotor gracing is a special slotting pattern to maximize braking performance. Keeping all of this under the highest control is Volvo’s anti-lock braking system with an electronic brake force distribution.

When Evolve decided how many tire contact patches they needed to handle power and produce the desired bend and braking performance, it quickly became clear that extraordinary suspension was needed. To accommodate, Evolve’s Chief Engineer, Mano Agulian, created a Formula One-style pushrod rear suspension, carrying a strut / spring assembly into the trunk of the vehicle and creating new wheel wells around aggressive tires. At the front, the custom Evolve adjustable coil-over suspension provides precise handling and an almost flat cornering position. The large Evolve anti-roll bar and fully adjustable Koni support and Eibach spring give the driver the ultimate control and adjustment capability for any road surface. Volvo’s Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC) system is also ready to help keep the car under control when performing extreme maneuvers.

It has long been praised by automotive media because of its ergonomic and superior interior, the S40 keeps the tradition alive, with a twist. While still providing the best functionality, the 2005 Volvo S40 introduces the first in the automotive world: the ultra slim middle stack. Covered in a stylish, original aluminum frame, the swoop curve combines the influence of Scandinavian design with high-end electronic touches. Behind thin panels, more interior storage space is available with the addition of a small tray that is perfect for cellphones or other items.

Evolve S40 is designed with unique interiors including silver carbon fiber leather and gray leather seat surface on a very comfortable Volvo seat. Silver suede headers and silver pieces and other graphite feature the interior along with performance aluminum pedals, special speakers and grilles, and Evolve shift buttons. Alpine audio system is also included.

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