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2004 Lexus RX by Wald International

Lexus RX is a midsize luxury SUV manufactured by Lexus division of Toyota. RX first came out in January 2003 as a Lexus concept car, and a few months later the RX 330 / Harrier modification body kit began to be produced by Wald International. In 2004, the RX body kit went on sale.

The interior of the second generation RX features a dual-zone climate controller, eight airbags. In addition to the options that can be selected include the premium sound system from Mark Levinson which consists of 11 210-watt speakers, GPS navigation, DVD entertainment system with wireless headphones, and a multi-panel glass roof. To complete the factory’s standard interior, Wald gives alcantara leather for seats, and vinyl textured wood fiber film. Exterior acquired new wheels, custom mufflers, custom headlamps and tailights.

This second generation sale inherits the first generation Lexus sales. About 100,000 units are sold annually in the US, the Lexus RX is the most popular SUV in the market.

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