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2003 Volvo S80 Specs and Review

The new Volvo S80 maintains its appearance but not completely. There are new design details creating the overall impression of a new prestige car in the Volvo range.

All new S80 parts like cut diamonds, precious gems. Properly designed and placed in an appropriate setting, they forge a strong image of elegance and prestige.

The front of the S80 has been reworked. The complete front that surrounds the grille has a new profile with softer transitions to the side of the body and to the spoiler area.

Lower designed air intake has been profiled and has a transverse chrome strip that connects foglamps together. Foglamps themselves are new and have larger light holes. The grille has a new square mesh pattern in dark silver metal. Trim around it in chrome. This gives an elegant and more three-dimensional impression.

The details of Chrome combined with prints that match color and other details emphasize the design of the car. This applies, for example, to chrome door handles and prints under side windows. Door mirrors have been redesigned to cut air resistance and reduce dirt accumulation in the side windows.

The rear of the Volvo S80 has been redesigned for higher quality and more different styles. Bootlid is now made in one section. Above the number plate there is a new handle covered with chrome trim. The tail lights are now somewhat smaller. This has been achieved by using a brake light that displays LED technology, which means the brake lights are activated faster. They now provide space for panels between the lights and bumpers, which are emphasized by a thin chrome strip at the bottom of the lamp. This panel is painted with body color. The rear bumper has a more substantial profile. It matches colors with the body of the car, with the exception of the dark gray panel at the bottom. This aligns with the appropriate panel on both sides of the body.

In the car, there is a new door panel. They increase the aura of quality, at least because they blend more smoothly with the instrument panel. The front door has a new handle that makes it easier to reach and close the door that is wide open. Interior trim details such as the center console and controls have a richer and darker charcoal color than before, which also enhances the clarity of the control image. There are options for panel inserts in aluminum or wood. The new walnut panel creates subtle tones that are different for the entire interior. The ventilation system controls have a chrome coating and control panel for color-adjusted power front seats with other interior parts. Textile liners on the rear shelves are of new quality, of the same type as those found on the Volvo XC90. The sun shield is now covered with the same textile as the inner roof layer.

Gauges in combination instruments have been redesigned. In the six-cylinder model, the buttons are clock-type types that are similar to those in the new Volvo S60 R and V70 R, but are enhanced with a unique style to create elegant and sporty images. The five-cylinder model has a combined instrument of the same type as found on the Volvo XC90, with a thin metal ring around it. The new three-bar sport steering wheel is available as an option on the Volvo S80. The steering wheel is the same type as the one installed on S60 and V70.

The most exclusive Volvo S80 is available with a variety of special features, such as unique leather linings and original walnut panel inserts, installed as a standard to make the Volvo S80 Executive a great driving experience.

With extensive legroom and choices such as a unique refrigerator and Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) system, passengers in the back seat can enjoy high-class comfort and high-quality entertainment.

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