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2002 Volvo Adventure Concept Car 2 Specs and Review

Adventure Concept Car 2 made its debut at the Geneva Auto Show. Developed to show that the Volvo Cross Country concept has an exciting future. Volvo Provides a Glimpse of the Future of Extreme Winter Transportation.

ACC2 challenges Volvo designers to push cross-border boundaries – to extremes. Volvo ACC2 is a study of concepts that combine high performance engineering with the functionality of a sports activity vehicle. The unique “silver machine” color slashes boldly across snow-bound roads looking for places where others are afraid to travel. ACC2 offers a glimpse of Volvo’s future technology with the integration of sophisticated Information Technology solutions.

Curved wheels boast wheels inspired by jet turbines with wider tracks that signal do-all on and off road capabilities. And just in case the road that is rarely traveled is where the day is, the lower side of the body is protected by plastic door molds.

With 18-inch forged tires developed by Michelin, these run-flat winter shoes embrace the road and help maintain control if the air pressure suddenly disappears. The headlights are connected with the vehicle’s GPS package. Depending on where the vehicle is located, it can adjust the headlights for left or right traffic conditions.

The Volvo ACC2 interior is inspired by the Swedish Ice Hotel in the famous JukkasjÀrvi and Swiss Army Knife, a combination of cold surfaces, warm materials and smart functions. “Open steel and aluminum surfaces emphasize the feeling of a powerful engine, while soft natural ingredients are used to create a feeling of comfort and comfort,” interior designer Jonathan Dale said.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of ACC2 is the 2 + 2 seat configuration and the design of the new seat. This thin seat profile is inspired by the classic Scandinavian chair design that is round and the shape of a dynamic racing car seat. The fixed angle between the seat cushions, along with natural leather inspired by saddles and large waist support, provides maximum comfort. The backrest can move forward to the front seat to create a flat and efficient loading area.

Floor carpets using warm wool are made from the same material as the bed cover ice Swedish Hotel Ice! It’s waterproof, but it’s still soft to the touch. The center console is orange to enhance the feeling of a warm and comfortable environment. With colorful functionality and visible safety features, Orange is used to highlight interactions between the car and its passengers. These include touch buttons throughout the car, door handles and important safety features such as the Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS) and Side Impact Protection indicators

In the ACC2, intermittent seat belts, introduced at last year’s Safety Concept Car (SCC), do not mean the only safety features detected. Emphasizing the sophisticated Volvo technology in this field, the safety features on the ship have been made very visible. In addition, the door guard blades are actually handrails that promote safety cages. Airbags on the steering wheel are visible through frosted glass such as first aid kits and toolboxes, integrated into the front door.

The ACC2 center console also has a variety of high-tech features. Best described as a “utility belt,” vehicles provide docking facilities for various electronics, including PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant), digital cameras and video camcorders.

Smart and portable PDAs, which have been developed in collaboration with Hewlett Packard, include a “On” phone and GPS system, which can be used on foot and on the road.

When outside the car, PDAs use wireless technology to send and receive information. This technology opens up various exciting opportunities for the future. Use voice control to say “give me powder” and the PDA will explore the web to get information about where the best snow has not been touched.

Navigate to the mountain and you will receive information about slopes, weather conditions and snow quality. If you are caught in bad weather or an avalanche, the PDA will send SOS via Volvo Calls. GPS will send the position data of your vehicle. This system will also help you find your way back to the car if the weather is bad. This can also heat the car for you.

Safely return to the car, you can connect your camcorder and watch your adventure on the rear seat screen facing the console. Available MP3 and DVD players, thermos for hot drinks, four glasses and, of course, orange sunglasses.

Under the hood of the ACC2 Vol2, there is a powerful version of the five-cylinder Volvo, a 2,435 cc engine, producing 300 hp and no less than 295 ft lbs. torque, mated to a semi-automatic six-speed six-speed, compact, compact gearbox. The “Up” and “Down” gearshift buttons are integrated on the steering wheel, while the reverse button is positioned on the center console.

As a study of Innovative concepts, Volvo designers have produced products that are all cold, warm and intelligent. With Quad seating, a series of Visible safety features, and sophisticated IT integration, Volvo ACC2 is very much the Extreme Winter Transportation for the future – very much, a Volvo.

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