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2001 Yes Clubsport Pure Minimalist Sports Car

YES! ports car developed by Cologne Technical College. Within the scope of their final thesis, the two engineers designed the roadster. A friend, Stuttgart-based designer Oliver Schweizer developed car styling. The prototype was first presented below at the International IAA 2001 Motor Show in Frankfurt and produced unexpected requests. Because of this favorable development, the engineers decided to establish their own business. The company’s development is very positive in international cars that are struggling

the market proves its founders have the right to uncompromisingly pursue their initial concept of a pure minimalist sports car.

The production of cars in the Funke and Will factories, which was founded in 2001, is very different from the mass outputs that it knows. Every YES! Sports cars are unique hand-made where buyers contribute to the most. Before completion, fine tuning is made on-site together with the buyer to adjust every car detail for the next owner: color, special features, ideal seating and switching position, and pedal leveling. This concept of participation and production of 100 percent hand made YES! famous at the sportscar market. The same applies to other features: buyers can test their car’s drive up to maximum speed. And finally: the concept of manufacturing service is in accordance with the individuality of the car. If necessary, YES! partners come to customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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