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2001 Volvo S40 and V40 Sedan with Sunroof

The Volvo S40 and V40 wagon are luxurious sedans that are comfortable to drive around cities in the USA. With a compact body design with a smooth appearance (new front fenders, bumpers, tailights, and wheels) to increase driving and handling (a track that is slightly wider and a longer wheelbase with a recalibrated front suspension). Featuring satisfying quality nuances for the interior, stylish and versatile sedans. Sedans built a reputation for their first year to offer Volvo virtues at affordable prices.

A practical and emotional mix, the Volvo S40 and V40 make it clear that the versatility and pleasure of driving can happily coexist in the same car. The new 5-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission features improvements to the standard 1.9-liter engine with low pressure turbo to keep the level of pleasure high. Standard 4-channel anti-lock brakes, 15-inch alloy wheels and a truly impressive audio system are only part of a long list of outstanding high-value standard features in the model line starting at $ 23,500.

The Volvo S40 and V40 debuted with a list of the best standard safety features in their class, including the side impact airbags SIPS and WHIPS whiplash seats. Additions of Volvo Inflatable Curtain side impact protectors pioneered by Volvo, ISO-FIX child safety seat attachments and ‘smart’ two-stage front airbags because standard equipment promotes the Volvo S40 and V40 to their own class.

Volvo engineers have made some subtle changes to designs that are already attractive for the S40 and V40 2001. The front bumper of the Volvo S40 and V40 now has an integrated front spoiler, and new and smooth fog lights can be ordered as an option.

S40 and V40 2001 will have more colors available than before. Five new colors will be added for MY 2001. Pacific Blue and Summer Green will no longer be available, but the new colors of Atlantic Blue, Desert Wind and Peacock Green will be available as metallic colors. The new solid color, Panama Yellow, will be available with special orders.

Volvo S40 and V40 2001 will have a new bright color scheme, Taupe / Light Taupe. This scheme will replace MY 2000 Silver Gray color. This makes the interior more attractive than previous Silver Gray colors, while adding richer and more dynamic characters. By combining two colors (Taupe and Light Taupe) in the interior, the color tones for the dashboard, seats and door panels function in a more harmonious and vibrant way.

The 2001 Volvo S40 and V40 will combine a new foam seat design, which increases long-term durability and provides a more sporty appearance. Leather linings will have new granules and will be more environmentally friendly with chromium free. The stack is being reconfigured on the S40 and V40 2001 to make it more comfortable and functional for the pleasure of the owner. The stack is now more anatomically designed and ergonomic, has a much stronger resemblance to the S80. The climate control unit is now easier to use and radio controls have been made more stylish. A lower storage area is also added to the center stack console for the convenience of the owner.

The driver’s door panel will now have all window switches and power mirror adjustment controls, instead placed in the middle tunnel. The passenger door will have a power window control added. Both the driver’s door and the passenger will be equipped with a central central door lock button.

The rear reading lamp is moved to an interior lamp placed on the back of the headlining. This lamp eliminates the need for V40 luggage compartment lights.

Heated Front Seat (Weather Package Component). Heated front seats will still be available as part of the Weather Package, but heating controls have been improved. The heating control now has the function of two thermostatically controlled heat levels that are more accurate, like the S80 does now. If the heated seat button is pressed once, seat heating will be activated with a maximum heating capacity. If the button is pressed again, heating is reduced to a lower level. This allows the owner to have a greater level of comfort in cold weather situations.

Control of the sunroof now will allow the opening of one simple touch.

The Volvo S40 and V40 2001 will be equipped with a new 5-speed automatic transmission, replacing the MY 2000 4-speed automatic transmission. The new transmission will improve performance in three fields. First, fuel savings will be increased due to the “longer” ratio of 5th gear, especially when driving on a highway. Furthermore, a little acceleration, performance and high speed increase is achieved due to smaller steps between gears. The shorter first gear produces better “take off” performance. Shift comfort is enhanced due to smaller steps between the gear and the latest generation of transmission management. The new gearbox also provides noise level reduction, especially when driving in road conditions, again due to the “longer” ratio of 5th gear compared to MY 4th gear 2000. The “Neutral Control” feature now reduces vibration when the Volvo S40 and V40 stand still and on the drive with the brakes applied. The transmission will also be automatically adaptive to the customer’s driving style, eliminating the need for “E” and “S” keys on the shift control console. The “W” button for wet driving conditions and winter will still allow Volvo S40 and V40 owners to maintain control in adverse weather conditions.

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