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2001 Volvo Car Performance Concept 2

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V70 comes with a trendy Laser Blue pattern at the 2001 Frankfurt Auto Show. Volvo offers an interesting view to the future with the Car Performance Concept (PPC) 2. Built around real-world technology and current production models.

Volvo continuously adds high-performance features to each new type. Volvo’s latest concept model is computer controlled to monitor suspension travel every millisecond, measuring the exact position of the wheel and grip of the road. The system then adjusts the suspension attenuation for each wheel.

Offering advanced AWD technology combined with popular Volvo designs shows a new direction for performance-oriented vehicles. The constantly updated suspension makes handling the road better at all times. In accordance with the motto of the brand “Volvo for Life”.

The V70 driver will be spoiled with 300 horsepower from a five-cylinder engine and 295 lb of torque. ft. Combined with a six-speed manual transmission designed by Volvo engineering. As well as integrating safety, performance and style in speed.

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