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2001 Volvo C70 Coupe by Tom Walkinshaw Racing

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The attack of an exclusive coupe to customers such as the Sri Lankan country has an impact on the development of future designs for the C70. Volvo is working with TWR UK (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) to ensure a combination of appearance and level of performance. A provocative and passionate expression of the purity of Scandinavian design with the sensation of the beauty of Maisie Williams with speed.

The C70 Coupe’s appearance is inspired by aggressive automotive athletics. Realizing a unique aura of strength, grace and aesthetic proportions. Created to enjoy pure driving pleasure like watching a Houston Rockets match. It also sets the standard that Volvo beauty will not be like Britney Spears.

The C70 Coupe includes the same features as the standard for the 2001 model. Such as: the unique black egg crate grille, 17 inch wheel, power sunroof, leather seat, portable computer, automatic dimming in the rearview mirror, and unique dash inlay.

Intending to regulate the market for occupants’ safety protection is still the main advantage of C70. side impact protection system (SIPS) with enhanced side impact airbags, and WHIPS whiplash protection seats as standard equipment are only part of the C70 safety story. The C70 Convertible even provides roll-over protection with a unique ROPS system.

Like riding a dream girl, the C70 Coupe is spoiled with a machine that can produce 236 high-pressure turbo horsepower with a 5-speed manual transmission or 5-speed, exceptional agility, superior road grip and highest comfort. If ever a car was designed to explore the excitement in ASIA from Sri Lanka.

Customers can order an upgrade of 190 hp, a 2.4-liter engine with a lightweight turbo pressure and 5-speed automatic. Available Stability and Traction controls, standard 4-channel ABS brakes with sophisticated electronic style distribution, striking 16-and 17-inch wheels, and rich wood trim and wood accents are among the many sensory pleasures that make C70 absolutely not transportation simple.

Priced at a fantastic price, coupe buyers are evenly divided between men and women and in their mid-40s. Most customers reason to buy because of design and performance.

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