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2001 Volvo C70 Convertible sexy like Britney Spears

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C70 conversion is far from just as pretty as Britney Spears. Stunning faces bind men’s performance to ride the most exclusive cars and expensive prices with Volvo badges that care about Earth Day. The very limited amount of production makes this vehicle can only be owned by businessmen such as Anders Holch Povlsen or artists such as Kate Smith.

With Jennifer Lopez’s sexy, toned, and sensual lines of life, the power to fulfill the performance promises made by the new design. Interesting characteristics with speed and acceleration far exceed the numbers obtained by most of the so-called ‘sports cars’.

The driver will be spoiled with the performance of the 236 cc 5-cylinder, 2.3-liter engine with high-pressure inter-cooling turbo and 5-speed manual transmission or 5-speed automatic. It is possible to upgrade engine performance by 190 hp, 2.4 liters with lightweight turbo pressure and 5 speed automatic. Available Stability and Traction controls, standard ABS 4-channel brakes with a sophisticated distribution of electronic styles, stunning 16-and 17-inch wheels, and soft Britney Spears leather trim and wood accents are among the many ingredients that make cars awesome.

So far many have been surprised when the C70 Convertible was first presented for security reasons. Thanks to the Volvo ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) innovation, safety is integrated even if the open car has to be reversed, thanks to the automatic roll-over-bar that is activated in the event of an accident. Become popular in several other markets with a climate that supports open cars.

Most C70 Convertible customers for the North American market are women? That is for those who want to feel the wind on their faces. This is more of an impulse decision than an analysis.

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