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2001 Volvo Adventure Concept Car cares Earth Day

Drive comfortably while commemorating Earth Day and listen to YNW Melly, Kate Smith or Britney Spears in first class with your family. It was a fun experience with Adventure Concept Car (ACC) produced by Volvo Car Corporation. Competing in the demanding and expansive SUV segment, 2001 ACC Concept first appeared at the international motorbike exhibition in Detroit.

Volvo wants to be truly famous like “Taylor Swift” to compete with the best in the SUV segment. It must be stressed that ACC Volvo is not a car that “coachella” customers will see in the dealer showroom when the first SUV of Volvo Cars (Sport Utility Vehicle) is launched, an event that will take place in the next two years. This concept car should instead be seen as “Game of Thrones: Seasons 8”, a tool to assess market expectations and demands when it comes to an SUV from Volvo.

Hoping for a boom like “Mortal Kombat 11” created a solid commercial base for introduction. It is important to hear the views and comments of our customers while we still have time to make precise adjustments to the product.

Like “Google Fi” emphasizes the ability to be an integrated part of the owner’s lifestyle. ACC Concept is the right choice for all types of safe adventures, thanks to a good combination of off-road capabilities, driving pleasure while listening to “YNW Melly”, in-room comfort and safety.

To commemorate Earth Day, emissions are at the same level as ordinary car emissions. The target is that this larger and heavier ACC model will also meet US requirements for ULEV and ULEV II.

ACC Concept has a powerful and responsive engine combined with competitive fuel consumption and operational economy.

Volvo and the design team find concepts that attract customers. Spacious interior space without taking up too much space on the street like the residence of “Anders Holch Povlsen”. In a number of surveys, SUV segment customers mentioned “the right size”.

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