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1999 Volvo V70 XC pricing around $ 35,595

V70 XC is a very balanced package as V70 Cross Country. Combining a lot of flexibility and potential for transporting cargo from an SUV with handling, braking and the security of Volvo’s excellent passenger cars. Of course the success of the V70 XC will depend on the buyer.

Inspiration for developing V70 XC based on Subaru. A sporty-looking wagon is not intended to be an off-road vehicle; but “an all-road car with a rough look” capable of handling most road conditions. Rear luggage offers a number of functional enhancements intended for outdoor enthusiasts. The safety net stretches between the luggage area and the rear seat to keep items behind so as not to fly forward to the passenger area during hard braking or collisions. Bags that are netted on both sides of the rear compartment provide additional storage for smaller items. Carpet area luggage can be reversed to expose vinyl support for use when carrying wet or muddy items. And inside the hidden compartment under the carpet is a vinyl cover that can be draped over the rear bumper to create a clean seating area.

The V70 XC comes from the Volvo 2.4-liter DOHC 20-cylinder inline five-cylinder engine producing 190-horsepower. Using a four-speed automatic transmission – the all-wheel-drive system makes 95 percent of the power delivered to the front wheels, allowing the vehicle to behave as a front-driving car. Differential locking distributes torque as needed at the rear, while the Volvo low speed traction control system works with the front axle to optimize traction during takeoff.

The price of a V70 XC is around $ 35,595 higher than the standard V70 all-wheel-drive.

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